Makeup, Anxiety and Depression

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With so many movements encouraging the discussion of mental illness, we thought it was time to shed some light on the relationship between mental illnesses (such as anxiety and depression) and makeup. While there are some individuals who are ...Read More

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Adding Sparkle To Your Eyes

woman smiling bright eyes

Sure, we’ve all heard the age old saying that “the eyes are the window to the soul,” but believe it or not, a person’s eyes are a window into their health, too. Think about it… have you ever looked into ...Read More

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Beauty Tips For Destination Weddings

Bride applying makeup

Whether you’re the bride to be, mother of the bride, or part of the wedding party, planning for a destination wedding is super exciting; but that’s not all. While planning for a wedding is terrific fun, it is also quite ...Read More

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The Art of Belly Dancing

Belly dancer

Men are from Mars,
belly dancers are from heaven
-Author unknown

Belly dancing is believed to be one of the most beautiful dances in the world, for a good reason to! In fact not only is belly dancing a sensual, ...Read More

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Beauty Makeup

Party Perfect Makeup

Makeup artist applying makeup.
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Every day, you probably have your go-to makeup routine that works for you. You may have come to this process through trial and error, or you may have been instructed in how to apply your daily

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Beauty Makeup

The Skinny on Permanent Makeup

Woman getting permanent makeup

In a society that highly values time-saving innovations almost more than money, permanent makeup, by just the name alone sounds awfully enticing to many women who spend a good deal of time in situations that require being well-dressed, with full ...Read More

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