Skin Care

The Gold Standard For Skin Care

skin care

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard—at least something—about retinoids, also commonly called retinols,. With retinoids gaining popularity, as of late, there is a lot of information about the product going around; some of it is ...Read More

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All Day Eyelash Curls

Woman using an eyelash curler

I never underestimate the power of hot rollers for
your hair and eyelash curlers for your eyelashes.
| Source: Busy Philipps |

Truth be told, curled eyelashes are anything but a new concept, but let’s be real here, few people ...Read More

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Beautiful and Discreet Bling

Beautiful woman wearing black

Women around the nation are moving the big, bold, statement jewelry to the back of their accessory drawer as they make space up front for the new favorite: thin, tiny, discreet bling. The minimalism trend has successfully is taken over ...Read More

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Treky Nail Art

Woman applying nail polish

Nail art has come a long way over the past few years. Once accented French tips, dashing lines, and dainty flowers, nail technicians all around the world are constantly adapting nail art like never before. From tie dye nails and ...Read More

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The Art of Eyeliner

Woman applying eyeliner

Chances are you’ve wound up here for one of two reasons, either A: you have finally gotten the hang of applying your eyeliner just right, and are ready to expand your options and learn new techniques; or B: you are ...Read More

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Country & Independent

Woman holding a fishing rod

I’m a country girl, I grew up strong.
Learned how to fight back and how to get along.
~ Author Unknown

There are undeniable differences between country girls and city girls; it has been this way for decades! As we ...Read More

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