Skin Care

Ingredients That Irritate Sensitive Skin

Woman scratching

One of the most common questions that skincare experts are faced with is how to properly care for sensitive skin. Those with sensitive skin will surely tell you that taking proper care can be quite the struggle; new products are always triggering flare-ups, and you may even begin to mistrust the products that are labeled for sensitive skin. By this point, you probably feel like a scientist of sorts while you…

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Why You Need A Fake Nail Break

woman with fake nails

Walking into a nail salon is something every girl should do at least once in her lifetime. Opening up that glass door to the one of a kind aroma of acetone, nail lacquer, and lotion. Usually, you’ll see a row of pedicure chairs lining one wall and rows of nail booths along the other. As that doorbell sounds the entire room of people glances over at you, many shedding a…

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