Show Off Your Sun-Kissed Tan

Woman on beach

Summer is in full swing, and we’re betting that many of our readers have had the chance to catch up on some much-needed vitamin D after a long, cold winter. Although we’re certain that you’ve been slathering on your SPF, ...Read More

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Creating a Uniform Wardrobe

When you work in an office, having the right uniform wardrobe can say worlds about you. Looking polished, put together, and in style every day, is actually hard work. You can make smarter choices about pulling together a wardrobe uniform ...Read More

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No Commitment Necessary

Woman working on a laptop

Sure a pixie cut looks exquisite on actress Emma Watson, but could you really rock the look? Could you actually rock bold winged eyeliner like Riri? Will that olive nail color really make you look tanner or will it just ...Read More

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Wearing the Rainbow

For the past few years, the beauty world has favored neutral and monotone makeup palettes. While the nude trend remains, the beauty world has welcomed in the bold statement of color – or colors, should we say? It seems that ...Read More

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Beauty Makeup

Momoko Ogihara Inspired

Momoko Ogihara inspired look

Japanese It-Girl Momoko Ogihara has been turning heads lately, so much so that she has even inspired a new makeup trend: Momoko makeup. For those who are unfamiliar with the trending makeup look, the Momoko makeup style is a specific ...Read More

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Snapping the Perfect Selfie

Woman taking a selfie

“Life’s more fun when you live in the moment!”

Well, That’s Just Awkward!
When was the last time you asked someone to take a picture of you… solo? You know: a cute picture of just you alone, no one ...Read More

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