Tips for Applying Makeup To Oily Eyelids

woman applying eye makeup

Any gal with oily eyelids understands the struggle of keeping eye makeup in place. Those lucky enough to have lids which satisfy shadow for an entire day have probably suggested their favorite primer, in an effort of helping you out. ...Read More

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What’s New In Spring & Summer Makeup

ombre lipstick

You might be snowed in today but, before you know it, you’ll be packing your beach bag and slathering on the sun block. That’s right, summer is right around the corner, which means the latest trends will be making statements ...Read More

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Monochromatic Makeup Two Ways

Portrait of woman

Makeup trends, as any other trend, have the tendency to come and go. And as far as matching makeup trends are concerned, well they’ve been around the block a time or two. Perhaps you remember the trend of matching your ...Read More

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Applying Eye Makeup And Long Lashes

woman applying mascara in mirror

Although many women desire long lashes, very few venture down the false lash road because let’s face it, faux lashes can be intimidating! Well, ladies, it’s a new year which means there are new feats in front of you. With ...Read More

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Beauty Makeup

A Guide to Using Eyeshadow Stencils

eyeshadow makeup on eye
Have you ever watched those Youtube makeup tutorials? You know – those ones hosted by the social media famous vloggers. Beauty guru or not, watching those tutorials can be memorizing! The unbelievable past about it all is just how easy ...Read More

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Fall Eyeliner Inspiration

Woman applying eyeliner

“Every woman should know that yesterday’s eyeliner
can be today’s smoky eye if you believe in yourself”

Every woman knows that beauty trends, like fashion trends, switch things up when the seasons change. With fall in full swing, we ...Read More

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Applying Statement Makeup

woman applying makeup in mirror

Applying the same makeup day after day can be tiresome. However, it’s comfortable, right? You learn how to master a specific makeup technique and get ready following the same steps one morning after the next. Then when a unique opportunity ...Read More

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Signs That You’re A Makeup Addict

Women shopping for cosmetics.

“Shout out to all the makeup I haven’t bought yet… I’m coming’ for you”
|Source: Unknown|

Oh yes, ladies, the struggle is real. If you’re a makeup addict, then you know it’s not actually your fault. Rather, it’s all because ...Read More

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