Using Drugstore Foundation to Cover Tattoos


Although the nation has become much more accepting of a person’s individuality and freedom of expression, there are still some instances where you may feel that showing off your tattoo is less-than-perfectly appropriate. You may find yourself in a panic ...Read More

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Tips for Applying Makeup To Oily Eyelids

woman applying eye makeup

Any gal with oily eyelids understands the struggle of keeping eye makeup in place. Those lucky enough to have lids which satisfy shadow for an entire day have probably suggested their favorite primer, in an effort of helping you out. ...Read More

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Stars Who Look Great “Made Under”

lily collins

There’s no denying that celebrities make up a group of the most beautiful people on the planet. Granted, they are backed by a group of the immensely talented skincare experts, makeup artists, and hair stylists. Below you’ll find some of ...Read More

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