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What Makes A Great Body Wash

body wash

Body washes are a fun and convenient way to wash up, but do you know what’s actually in your body wash? With so many options on the market today, it might seem like all sudsy formulas are created equal, but ...Read More

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Beauty Benefits of Bronzer

Woman applying a bronzer

Regardless of the season, bronzer is always a good idea! With all the health and beauty products on the market today, sometimes we forget about the classic beauty products that have stuck around while all the other beauty fads that ...Read More

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Tricks To Help Your Makeup Look Awesome

woman doing makeup

When was the last time you though your makeup looked on point? We’re not talking about that time that your lipstick lasted all day, or when you had the perfect sun-kissed complexion that your foundation matched your neck better than ...Read More

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All About The Makeup Trend For Guys

Man looking in the mirror.

Makeup is not just for women anymore. Stars like actor and singer, Jared Leto are rocking the trend with more than just male eyeliner. You can even see some makeup lines geared just towards men coming out more and more ...Read More

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Try These Beauty Apps

Technology has come a long way to include the beauty industry. There are so many fun apps that cater to the beauty lover that it’s hard to narrow down just a few to try. These apps are going to change ...Read More

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Fall’s Must Try Beauty Trends

Model applying makeup /

Ahhh the crisp fall air, there’s nothing quite like it. But let’s be honest ladies, what most of us are most excited about as the fall season gets into full swing is the fact that we have ...Read More

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The Benefits Of Applying Makeup Primer

woman applying makeup in mirror

If you apply makeup at all you’ve probably considered, heard about, or purchased makeup primer at one point or another.  One of the things that’s interesting about makeup primers is that many women feel they’re not totally necessary, even thinking ...Read More

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