Makeup Products That Do Double Duty

woman applies concealer

Beauty and skin experts today have a wealth of knowledge that, when implemented effectively, can make a major difference in our health and beauty for years to come. From applying SPF daily and drinking ample amounts of water, to exfoliating ...Read More

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Wrong Shade, No Problem

If you’re human, chances are you’ve wound up with the wrong shade of foundation at one point or another. Regardless of whether you purchased the product with or without the help of a salesperson, and no matter how much you’ve ...Read More

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Make Your Freckles Pop

smiling woman with freckles

“Freckles: Little angels kisses, sprinkled like sugar. Dancing merrily,
around an ivory face. Coffee colored diamonds, 
mark battle wounds
of defeat, on rosy cheeks, tells a story. 
But their whimsical details;
One of freedom and love, 
encompassed on a blank ...Read More

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Choosing The Perfect Foundation

Women applying foundation

In essence, choosing the shade of foundation that matches the color of your skin should be easy. But with hundreds of brands offering umpteen types of foundations, most of which follow a different color system, it can be quite the ...Read More

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Perfect Workout Makeup

Woman at the gym

It seems being fit is in now more than ever before, not that it’s a bad thing by any means. However, it means that more and more people are finding the time to use their gym memberships, show up to ...Read More

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