Surprising Millennial Beauty Trends

“The term Millennials is usually considered to apply to individuals who
reached adulthood around the turn of the 21st century. Millennials grew
up in an electronics-filled and increasingly online and socially-networked world.
They are the generation that has received the most marketing attention.
Having been raised under the mantra “follow your dreams”
and being told they were special, they tend to be confident.”
|Source: Internet acronyms and lingo glossary|

For better or worse, Millennials tend to get a lot of attention these days. It seems the generation of tech-savvy individuals is on a mission to surprise, shock, and prove wrong those who doubt them. Not only have they surprised their baby-bomber grandparents with the amount of money that can be made with Instagram fame, but they have also managed to take the beauty world by storm. With an almost-arrogant “just watch me” attitude, the generation has shaken up the industry with their surprising beauty trends.

Of course, if you identify as a Millennial, the trends themselves may not be so surprising to you, but rather the idea that non-Millennials seem to find them surprising. Either way, you’re likely to take interest and amusement in the list of the most surprising beauty habits and trends of today’s Millennial women,

nail polish on hands around mug

Nail Polish Inclinations
Data shows that only about 50% of Millennial ladies polish their fingers and toes, and those who do tend to favor two colors, and guesses? Of all the infinite array of shades available, these gals choose pink 27% of the time, followed by nude 20% of the time.

Washing and Bathing Trends
A large majority of Millennial women identify with the democratic party. Perhaps this is why 1/3 of these ladies save the water for the fish and go at least three days without washing their hair.

Lipstick Contemplation
At any given moment 36% of Millennial women fess up to owning ten or more lipsticks. The same data shows that a mere 4% of the ladies in this Generation own no lipstick whatsoever.

woman applying lipstick

Cosmetic Preferences
With the amount of lipstick a Millennial gal owns, one might think that lipstick was their favorite beauty product, but a survey of 5,000 American Millennial women tells otherwise. When asked which cosmetic they would choose if they could one use one, mascara takes the favorite with the majority vote of 38%. Foundation is named the second most popular receiving 19% of the votes. Shockingly, only 6% choose lipstick as their fave.

Does Appearance Matter
Although most Millennial women say that they don’t make assumptions based on another’s appearance, they believe that others make assumptions about them based on their appearance. What does this mean for the beauty industry? Nothing but good things; A seemingly large 48% of Millennial girls wear makeup every single day. A close second of 37% wears makeup three to six days per week. At the very end of the spectrum, a mere 2% of Millennials never wear makeup.

laptop with tutorial

Beauty Related Guilty Pleasure
Spending hours on end observing and admiring YouTube vloggers apply makeup. How come you ask? Millennials are more interested in what their like-minded peers have to say rather than what their what’s proposed by advertisements or even the advice of their processors.

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