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Summer is surely upon us, which means that almost as soon as you begin your pre-summer shopping spree, you will be slipping into that new deep-V floral romper wondering how you should do your makeup; after all, you’ll want your makeup to be on point with the top summer make trends of 2016. To save you time, we have put together a trendy summertime makeup look that you are certain to love. To achieve this summer’s soft and sweet day look follow these simple steps.

  1. Start with a fresh, clean face. With summer here, you should not just be washing your face, but you should also be exfoliating every 2 to 3 days to get all the extra sweat, salt, and sand out of your pores.
  2. Apply your favorite lightweight serum, followed by a multitasking face moisturizer which not only nurtures your skin but also provides the seasons necessary sun protectant. We recommend a moisturizer which contains at least SPF 30.
  3. Makeup this summer revolves around glowing and brightening skin trends. So, with the rudimentary steps taken care of, start your summer look by applying a sheer to medium coverage luminizing BB or CC cream. Be sure to give the product a few minutes to set into your skin before building the coverage (should you choose to), and before carrying onto the next steps.
  4. Once your primary product has set, use a lighter colored bronzer to highlight and contour your face as your normally would.
  5. Not everyone is a blush fan, but for those who are, reach for a blush that has a satin finish.
  6. In addition to the glowing skin trend, summer 2016 eye makeup is totally 60’s inspired. This means thick, “clumpy” eyelashes are in; although simple, this may be the most time-consuming step of your summertime makeup look. There are a few different ways you can go about getting your eyelashes up to par. Your first option is to simply apply coat after coat of volumizing mascara. Your second option, much like the first, you will apply coat after coat of volumizing mascara, but use a Q-tip to dust a layer of baby powder on your lashes in-between each layer of mascara. This is a lighter way to get the thick, heavy look. Your final option is to find a few different sets of falsies and get used to adding them to your morning makeup routine.
  7. With such bold lashes, it really isn’t necessary to create a bold shadowed eye. However, if you feel you need something on your lids, opt for a nude or pastel color.
  8. Finish your summer makeup look with a matte nude shade of long wear lipstick.

Do proceed with caution, and make a mental note to yourself of what you’ll be doing on your summer day. This look is intended for an indoor, air-conditioned summer day. If you will be spending many days at the beach this summer, you should avoid runny eye makeup and clogged pores by embracing and preserving your natural beauty with a lightweight BB or CC cream that is fortified with SPF.

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