Strobing For a More Natural Finish

By now you have probably heard of “strobing” with your makeup. If not, welcome to 2016! This is a trend in makeup that makes contouring look old school. Strobing is going to allow you to highlight your facial features in the easiest way possible. Don’t worry if you are terrible at contouring or the instructions on this technique scare you away. They say that strobing is a snap for anyone to achieve with their makeup looks. Here’s how to strobe the right way in these easy steps.

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Step #1 :Find Your Key Face Spots
The key face spots for strobing are the cheekbones, brow, down the nose, and center of your chin. It’s just that easy. There aren’t any layers of contouring shades to worry about. You just swipe on your highlight on these key features.

Step #2: Pick The Best Highlighter For Your Skin Tone
For people with warm skin, you want a highlighter that has some golden undertones to it. So picture champagne, bronze or gold highlighters that will work best for you. Cool skinned gals will want to go with a silver based highlighter, which is usually pink, blue, or white in color. You want your highlighter to have enough pearlescent finish to make your features really pop out. Think of an all over glow in just the right places. That’s how strobing should be.

Step #3: Apply Your Product
You can choose a powder or cream highlighter depending on your skin type. For people with normal to oily skin, go with a powder to help matte out your skin a bit. Those with dry skin can use a cream based highlighter which will give you a little extra luminosity. The goal with strobing is to make the skin come alive with life. Achieve this with careful application. For powders use a fluffy, natural brush to apply. For cream you want to use a foundation brush with synthetic bristles to apply the higher in sweeping motions until it’s blended well, without any obvious lines.

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Step #4Tone Down If You Need To
One of the itty bitty problems that can creep up with strobing is the highlighter being too overdone. If you look it the mirror and you’re practically glowing in an unnatural way, just take it down a notch. This is easy to do with a buffing brush, or beauty sponge. Just blot it out until it looks more natural. You want your highlighter to enhance, not over emphasize. It’s a delicate balance to attain, but once you get used to using the strobing effect, you’ll be amazed at how many compliments you’ll receive.

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