Stars Who Look Great “Made Under”

lily collins

There’s no denying that celebrities make up a group of the most beautiful people on the planet. Granted, they are backed by a group of the immensely talented skincare experts, makeup artists, and hair stylists. Below you’ll find some of our favorite stars who look great sans makeup along with celeb-approved tips and tricks that you can use to let your natural beauty shine through next time you need a break from makeup.

Lily Collins
This fair-skinned beauty posted a natural-faced photo on social media recently and we couldn’t help but notice how bold her natural brows were. Want bold brows like Lilly’s next time you skip makeup? It’s all about proper maintenance! When you’ve found a brow shape that you like, keep your brows in check by plucking any stray hairs that you notice each night. Envious of how thick Lilly’s brows are? Start applying castor oil to your brows before you go to bed; castor oil thickens and strengths the hair shaft, making it appear fuller.

You’re probably used to seeing this pop beauty decked out in all kinds of glitter and glam. Little did you know she looks just as stunning with a totally bare face. Although Kesha has a face full of freckles, her complexion is very full and smooth. Her secret: sun block. Kesha knows how important it is to protect her skin from UVA/UVB rays, and you should too!

Gigi Hadid
The beloved American fashion model stole the show wither her no-makeup Instagram post in celebration of hitting 19 million followers. Just one glance Gigi’s bare face will make you want to take care of your skin – she looks amazing! Fans gushed over her full pout, asking her secret to such full lips without the aid of lip plumper. Although we don’t know Gigi’s exact method, we do have advice from a celeb stylist who says that the key to naturally plump lips is exfoliation. By removing all the dry skin, your lips can better soak up hydration. Exfoliate your pout every night and apply a hydrating lip balm throughout the day.

olivia munn

Olivia Munn
Oliva looked bright-eyed and bushy-tailed the morning after a night out with friends celebrating the Oscars. Although her complexion is next-to-flawless, we couldn’t help be notice how bright her smile was. If your smile’s looking a bit dull lately, experts advise switching all oral products to “whitening” products. Many remove surface stains in only a few weeks. If you’re in a pinch and need a brighter smile now, grab some hydrogen peroxide and a few cotton swabs from the first aid kit. Dip the cotton swab into the peroxide and apply it to your front-facing teeth. You’ll see a different almost instantly.

Selena Gomez
This pop sensation is often spotted with a makeup-free look and we can’t help but notice her completely clear complexion. Selena’s seems to be free of blemishes and dry patches. Have Selena skin goals on your mind? Be sure to wash your face morning and night with an acne-fighting cleanser. It’s also important to use a physical exfoliator one per week and moisturize once you’ve finished washing up!

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