Solutions to Everyday Makeup Problems


Regardless of your age or the color of your skin, if you wear makeup you can probably create a list off the top of your head of all the little frustrations that we like to call “everyday makeup problems.” The good news is that you don’t need to worry about these makeup mishaps any longer. Keep reading to gather the solutions you need to know to solve those everyday makeup problems.

Cakey Under Eye Concealer
It’s time to kick the thick, heavy, creamy under-eye concealer to the curb. Instead, cover your dark circles with a liquid-based concealer, preferably one which has an opaque-y tone with a peach base (as this is the best way to blur the blue and gray shades that are evident in dark circles). Liquid concealer is the way to go, namely because it absorbs much easier while providing even coverage; if you feel the coverage isn’t as strong as you’d hoped, use a clean shadow brush to dust a fine-grain light-reflecting powder over the concealer.

Streaky Bronzer
It’s time to slow down – either that or give yourself more time to get ready in the morning! That’s because streaky bronzer is almost always the consequence of applying the bronzer while your foundation is still wet. Naturally, liquid foundation needs time to dry; when layering more product on foundation that hasn’t had the chance to set, you’re doing more harm than good. From now on, give yourself enough time to get ready, this way you’re sure that each product has had a few minutes to set before applying the next product.

mascara smudged

Mascara on Eyelids 
Start applying primer to your lids even on the days that you don’t plan on wearing shadow. If fact coating your eyelids with a matte primer, then dusting a layer of translucent powder atop the primer the oil on your eye lids will work wonders to absorb the oil produced by your lids. Why is this important? Well, when the oil surfaces and comes in contact with your lashes, it breaks down the mascara’s formula, leaving those oh-so-annoying mascara marks on your lids.

Disappearing Makeup 
Chances are that you’re dashing to the lady’s room every few hours for touchups because your makeup magically melted away. There are a few different reasons for makeup to seemingly-vanish into thin air, however, there is one surefire way to prevent and prolong your makeup from disappearing: apply a setting spray or finishing mist to your face once you’ve applied your entire look. Setting sprays are formulated to emulsify the cosmetic so that everything stays put.

Dead Skin on Lips
It’s time to give your lips some TLC. Get into the habit of exfoliating your lips on a regular basis. When you don’t small particles of dead skin get trapped in your lip balm and lip gloss. After a while, all those dead skin cells get wiped back on your lips giving you that dull looking line of dead skin. This will continue to happen until you slough off the dead skin and apply ample moisture to your lips.

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