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Skin Care Ingredients That Treat Flaky Skin

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The truth is, dry, itchy, and flaky skin is much more complicated than it seems. In fact, you may not realize it now, but many of the skincare products that you use every day could be the cause of your dry skin woes. We’re not suggesting that every product in your skin care arsenal is “bad,” rather we want to make you aware of the harsh additives, toxins, and chemicals that are included in the vast majority of skin care products today. Specifically, that many of these additives have been shown to wreak havoc on your skin. Everything from artificial colors and fragrances, to preservatives and stabilizers, can irritate the skin, making it dry and flaky.

The thing is, just about every product manufactured today has at least one of the four ingredients listed above—which means telling you the ingredients to avoid would be counter-productive on our part, not to mention you’d probably lose your mind. Instead, we’ve put together a list of beneficial ingredients that reverse the drying effects of harmful ingredients and work in your favor to calm and treat your dry, flaky skin.

It’s unexpected, but makes so much sense, huh? As you know, the sun is infamous for the damage that it causes to the skin; because we know that you’ve been versed on the sun’s harmful effects more than a few times, we just want to remind you how drying its rays are to your skin. In fact, continued exposure to its rays can actually break down the skin’s protective barrier make it difficult to retain hydration, which means dry flaky skin on the horizon (no pun intended). Luckily, this whole scenario can be prevented by applying an SPF moisturizer to your face and body prior to any and all sun exposure.

Hyaluronic Acid
Granted, the word “acid” in name of this ingredient does sound intimating to dry skin sufferers, but fear not! Hyaluronic acid is a natural constituent that’s receiving extra attention in skin care industry for its ability to hold its weight in water 1000 times over! The skin does have its own supply of hyaluronic acid, how it diminishes as we age. Applying products formulated with hyaluronic acid restores skin—almost instantly—by supplying it with the moisture it needs most. If you have localized patches of dry and flaking skin around your face and body you may find instant relief by applying a hyaluronic acid formulated cream to the affected area.

Essential Oils
Even they weren’t trending right now, we promise this would still make the list. The benefits of essential oils undoubtedly deserve an article of their own, we will let you in on two oils that are notorious for their ability to rid the body of flaky skin.

  • Argan Oil is rich in vitamins A and E, which already makes it a great moisturizer, but that’s not all! It also includes antioxidants and omega fatty acids. Just applying a small drop to the affected area will heal and sooth the skin.
  • Tea Tree Oil should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet because of its considerably long list of beneficial properties and abilities. One of which is its ability to heal inflammation and irritation. It will not oily calm dry skin, but it will also hydrate the inner layers of the skin and encourage the shedding itchy flakes.
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