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For whatever reason, there has always been a certain je ne sais quoi about the way the French style themselves. Not only is French girl chic hotter than ever right now, but it has always held its ground as a steady style here in the states. In fact, many young women who enter into their first “real world” job after college tend to look to the French for work-appropriate outfits that are also fashionable.

Whether you’re looking for a few outfit ideas to wear to work, or you’re interested in changing your style from drab to French girl fab in the new year, you’re at the right place! Below you’ll find all the tips you need to rock your French girl chic – check it out.

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Mix and Match Key Pieces
A major French trend at the moment is pairing tops and bottoms that might not be typical pairs. For example, wear a neon colored crew neck with a pair of gauchos or some other voluminous bottoms.

Break Your Mother’s Fashion Rules
While we don’t want to push anyone’s buttons, we do want to encourage you to go against your mother’s fashion rule that you mustn’t wear navy and black. While the pair may seem rather unorthodox for those who’ve grown up in the states, French women have been pairing the midnight hues for ages. With how good they look, one should be wondering why American’s aren’t doing the same.

Out Of the Ordinary Clutches
Remember that pencil pouch you had as a kid that actually looked like a pencil itself? You should totally try and find it! Today, French style is all about turning the ordinary into extraordinary; for example, many women are carrying pencil and crayon shaped clutches and others are wearing chain-link crossbody bags that a could be easily mistaken for an extra-large gum box. It’s a little out of the ordinary, but it’s absolutely fabulous.

Make a Statement
Hate Monday’s? Wish you were napping? Rather be playing with your pet? Don’t keep it a secret, let the work know and make a statement! While older generations were all about privacy, the modern adult is about honesty, and the French wear their emotions – literally – on their sleeves better than anyone else. To get in on this fab French trend, slip into a pair of jet black leggings, then complete the look with a solid color screen tee that tells the world exactly how you feel. Statement shirts like these can be found everywhere from Etsy to Amazon, to any trendy store in the mall!

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Forget About Heels, Wear Your Tennies
One of the most eye-opening – but totally understandable – French girl trends is wearing sneakers with even wear. The style started making it’s way to the states many months ago when teens were wearing Converse sneakers with their ball gowns to prom, but that was as far as the trend made it. Until recently that is! Many young women are taking after the comfortable-cue from the French and wearing classic Adidas, Chuck Taylor’s, and even Ked’s with their cocktail dresses. That’s right, ladies, happy hour just got much more comfortable.

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