Say No To Clown Inspired Makeup This Halloween

Woman dressed like a clown

You’ve probably seen a lot of the madness that’s been happening with clowns. We’re not here to get into gruesome details about anything, but let’s just say it’s safe to say that dressing up as a clown this Halloween is not happening this year. We’re all about keeping Halloween fun, and while it’s fun to dress as a scary costume…in the midst of all this clown madness happening, it’s probably a good year to find something else. We’re saying it’s a wise idea to say no to clown inspired makeup this Halloween. Now we get clowns have been an easy go-to Halloween idea when you’re in a pinch. So if you’re looking for an alternative that’s just as easy and fun to accomplish – we’ve got you covered with some fresh ideas.

Snapchat Filters
Let’s be real… snapchat has kind of taken over social media with all the fun filters they have to offer. There are some filters that we all love a little more than others, if you need a new costume idea for this Halloween – why not do your makeup to create a real-life snapchat filter?! We’ve seen some great how-to videos scouring the internet with ladies creating the deer filter, the golden butterfly filter, etc. If you have a favorite snapchat filter, this is your chance to bring it to life with the power of makeup!

The Cat Look
Ok, so the cat costume idea isn’t exactly revolutionary…but you can totally create an updated cat costume look with makeup that’s a great alternative to the crazy clowns. Personally, we love the cat inspired makeup looks that bloggers are creating by adding some major contouring to the face as well as the dramatic lips (black top lip and red/pink on the bottom lip). It’s a really easy look to achieve and you don’t have to be a master makeup guru to make it happen – but you’ll be ready for Halloween quickly!

Scaly Beauty
Another makeup trend we’ve seen on social media, that we’re totally in love with because you get to play around with colors like we were able to with clowns… but this costume won’t leave anyone feeling uncomfortable. Creating scales for a fish/mermaid inspired costume is actually never been easier. You can create the scales by using fishnet stocking as a tracer to get the perfect look. Play around with different bold colors that you love to really be a little more over the top (because that’s what Halloween is fun for!).

Dia de los Muertos makeup

Dia de los Muertos
If you’re really into the clown makeup, but you don’t want to cause discomfort to your friends or people you see on Halloween, the classic Dia de los Muertos makeup look is the perfect alternative. You’re able to create a makeup look that covers your entire face (much like the clown costumes/makeup) but in a way that celebrates more culture (in a nice way). In addition, you can really have fun with different colors and creativity with this look.

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