Remove Makeup Stains From Almost Anything

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Surely you’ve heard of Edward A. Murphy’s wrong way installation observation, right? Maybe you’ll better recognize the term Murphy’s Law; Murphy’s law is a popular adage which states “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.”

If anything can be learned from makeup mishaps – you know, like dropping an open lipstick on a white rug, or deciding to change your blouse just after you’ve applied umpteen coats of mascara – it’s that we often need to slow down. Of course, there are endless instances which can cause a person to rush, though as Murphy’s Law would have it, these are the times when lipstick is dropped, mascara is mistakenly wiped, and the foundation is spilt. “UGH, that’s going to stain and I just don’t have time to deal with it right now” you say to yourself.

These instances may be complete and total accidents, however, some makeup stains fall under the categories of unintentional and unavoidable. Take for example the forever-foundation-stained neckline on that white shirt hanging in the closet, it’s just a misfortunes of wearing makeup. What about the irremovable-tan-tint on the inside of your jacket collar? Needless to say, makeup stains happen, whether they can be avoided or not remains to be seen. Regardless of how your most bothersome makeup stain became to be, you’ll finally be able to say “sayonara” after reading the tips below which will guide you in removing makeup stains from almost anything.

The Culprit: Liquid Foundation
The Cure: In order to successfully remove liquid foundation stains you must first know what kind of foundation you’re working with (e.g. oil-based or oil-free). If you are combating an oil-based foundation stain you should be spot treating the area with liquid dish washing detergent. On the contrary, if you need to remove on oil-free foundation stain, cover the affected area with shaving cream. Once the cream has lost its puff wipe it off with a damp washcloth.

The Culprit: Powder (Including Foundation, Bronzer, and Blush)
The Cure: Whatever you do, DO NOT WIPE! Wiping a makeup powdered area will only smudge the color into the fabric and make things worse. Instead, shake or blow off the powder then use either a makeup remover wipe or a stain removing wipe.

The Culprit: Mascara
The Cure: Although the darkest, and quite possibly the densest, mascara arguably the easiest makeup stain to remove. If the stain is still wet, or dry but still recent, you should use liquid dishwashing soap to gently work the product away, or apply a stain lifting product. If the stain is set in, apply the stain removal product until it is fully saturated and let it sit overnight before washing.

The Culprit: Lipstick
The Cure: Spritz hairspray directly onto the lipstick, after letting a few minutes pass use a damp washcloth to dab and lift away the color. Depending on the color of the lipstick you may need to repeat the spritzing and dabbing a few times.

The Culprit: Body, Face or Lip Oils
The Cure: Lay the fabric down flat and cover the entire spot with a generous layer of cornstarch. Let it sit for ten-to-fifteen minutes, allowing the cornstarch to absorb the oil. Once the time has passed, remove the cornstarch and treat the spot with liquid dishwashing soap before placing the item in the washing machine.

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