Proper Steps For Applying Under Eye Concealer

Have you ever wondered how to properly apply under eye concealer? It’s easier than you might think, and having the right tools is key. Everyone has issues it seems with under eye circles. Whether they are caused by lack of sleep, dehydration, or as a hereditary issue, you just want them to go away fast so that you can present the best look possible. Under eye circles can drag down your entire look, making you seem ill or tired. Applying it the right way can ensure that the concealer stays in place all day long, until you take it off at night. Here are the proper steps for applying under eye concealer.

woman applying eye cream

Step 1: Prep With Eye Cream
By making sure your eye area is properly hydrated, it’s going to allow your concealer to go on better, more smoothly and will less tugging on the area. This will also help it to not fall into any fine lines around the eye area. Don’t underestimate the importance of having eye cream that is going to also diminish the appearance of dark circles, brighten, and tighten up the area. Look for an eye cream that has Vitamin C, and caffeine as two of the active ingredients. Pat it gently around the eye area on the ocular bone, under the eye and on the brow for best results. Let it soak in for a few minutes before you continue with any eye makeup.

Step 2: Apply Your Foundation
While you are waiting for your eye cream to absorb, you can continue on to your foundation. Many people questions whether to do conceal before or after foundation. The best tip is after. If you do your concealer first before you apply your foundation, it’s only going to pull away when you do. Applying your foundation first will take care of this problem.

concealer cream dots

Step 3: Dot On Your Concealer
Using the right concealer for your skin type, apply it under the eyes in a gentle dotting motion. You can also use it on the eyelid itself to take care of covering any discoloration on the lids or veins that show through thin skin. Focus the concealer just where the darkness is under the eye area.

Step 4: Let It Sit for a Few Minutes
By letting your concealer sit for a few minutes, it’s going to help thicken up the product a bit to stay more opaque on the skin. That way it will cover up your dark circles much better. You can start on your eye makeup or blush in the meantime.

Step 5: Smooth With a Concealer Brush
Then, with a concealer brush, which has synthetic bristles that are made for cream formulas, smooth out your concealer in gentle stroking motions, until the area under the eye is blended properly. You want the concealer to melt into the skin seamlessly, just covering the under eye circles and not standing out too much.

woman applying powder

Step 6: Set It with Loose Powder
Finally, you want to set your work with a loose powder and a big fluffy brush. Translucent loose powder will work this best for this task. That way your conceal will last all throughout the day without smudging or fading away.

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