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Prediction: 2016 Makeup Trends

Stylist applying makeup.

Move over, no-makeup makeup–there’s a new player in town, and it’s going to be showing up on all the leading runways, catwalks and red carpets, with super enviable effects! It looks like 2016 is going to explode onto the world of fashion with a myriad of new makeup effects from a new concentration on makeup and intensity of effects created by the different methods of application. Get ready for real reds, pure plums, bizarrely blue eyes, glam effects from glorious glitter and let’s pile on those faux lashes now, ladies!

Highlighting the Solitary Effect
2016 will usher in a new concept in makeup application, with a more obvious focus on one stand alone element. It might be something done to the lips, the eyes or the skin, but it will radiate as the one highly noticeable distinction about your makeup that cannot be denied. The new efforts to provide a cameo presentation of any one makeup effect will concentrate on laying low or leaving off with the other makeup effects, such as mascara to highlight ruby red lips, or applying a lighter foundation to give a more stark contrast with a blue eyeshadow. Look for yourself, and you’ll begin to notice this new trend.

Sept 11, New York Fashion Week /

Hel-lo Red, of 2016
On the subject of red, especially in considering its many forms, hues, tones colors and effects, well, there’s just too much to take into consideration all at one time. The great news for 2016 is that there appears to be a unanimously united front of agreement on the “it” shade of red for this upcoming year. So intense, all you’ll need is a little foundation to support this show-stealing main character. It’s being referred to among the designers as Snow White apple red, and this vibrant color contains every ounce of passion that went into that toxic apple handed to Snow. You’ll find it in your signature sheen–or sheenless, as in the Dolce & Gabbana satin effect. For a full-on flat, go matte, with luscious Giles, or DKNY’s all nighter matte form of the color. If shine intensity is what you’re after, it’s got to be Nina Ricci for you, all the way. Make sure to check out the Acne version of sheen.  Just note that any color with this much vibrancy and passion will require a steady hand for applying.

Blue eyeshadow

Blue, By YOU
Prepare to embrace a new vivid azure blue that has Cyan all over it! Actually blue is in for 2016, in a bold way, with any shade, any volume of sparkle and any effect you can manage, from the smokiest effects to get down, surround eyes that radiate power. Go full tilt with a bold cyan stripe that runs full-lid, corner to corner as a statement all on its own. Don’t forget to check out all the spectacular metallic blues that will be hitting the shelves this year–there has been nothing like them before! A trace of lip color and little else will be needed to set the tone wherever you are headed, while blue-ing it.

Make it Happen, Wherever You Go, With New  Technology Applied to 2016 Bronze Effects
There will not only be some superior methods of creating that endless summer, all year long in 2016, with new to be introduced methods of blending brown cream foundations with bronzers and illuminating highlighters for the most luxuriously carved tanned glow, ever. Move over Rihanna–in fact, get off the boat–there’s a new beachy babe on the scene.

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