No Makeup Look Tutorial

Tis is month to bare your face. Look flawless, fresh and beautifully natural, look like you’re not wearing any makeup at all. Sure, skin care is an essential aspect for this look, but with the right tips and tricks, you should be able to get that perfect no makeup look in no time. Lionesse would like to introduce you to our guest blogger Despina to give you a no-makeup look with pictures through an exciting how-to tutorial

Lionesse No Makeup Look Tutorial

Hello my loves, today I’d like to show you a look that’s simple and everyone can do it. This is a way for you do look refreshed every day and to recover from all that heavy makeup from New Year’s Eve.

So let’s get right into it.

Step 1 - Apply dots of foundation and blend with foundation brush

Like always I’m starting with clean and moisturized skin. For this look, I’m not going to use foundation on my whole face because I don’t like anything heavy and I just prefer to look natural. However, if you like to even your skin tone feel free to do it. I’m applying little dots of foundation with my finger on the parts of my face that get red throughout the day and the parts where I have blemishes. I’m blending the dots into my skin using a foundation brush and my fingers.

Step 2 - Apply concealer on parts you want to highlight

Next I’m applying concealer on the parts on my face I want to highlight including the eyelid.

Step 3 - Apply black eyeliner, blend with smudged brush. Apply pinky-nude eyeshade on eyelid. Apply mascara.

Moving on to the eyes I’m applying black eyeliner and blending it a little with a smudged brush to give it a bit more natural and smokier look. On my lid, I’m applying a little bit of pinky-nude eyeshade and blending it on the whole eyelid. I’m finishing the eye-look by applying mascara.

Step 4 - Warm face with bronzer, apply pink blush on cheeks

I’m going to warm up my face lightly with bronzer and apply pink blush on my cheeks again lightly, you don’t want anything that’s heavy and doesn’t look natural. To complete the look apply lip balm on your lips.

Lionesse No Makeup Look Tutorial - Finished Look

This is my natural makeup look. Feel free to give it a try. 🙂

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