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Sure a pixie cut looks exquisite on actress Emma Watson, but could you really rock the look? Could you actually rock bold winged eyeliner like Riri? Will that olive nail color really make you look tanner or will it just wash you out? These tedious, sometimes ridiculous, questions that run through our minds every day will no longer go unanswered because you’re going to try it all! Sure you could spend thirty minutes perfecting winged liner, only to decide it doesn’t look right and wipe it all off in thirty seconds. You could totally get a boost of confidence and convince your stylist that you’re totally ready to bleach your hair and chop it all off; a beauty decision that can’t be undone as easily as removing eyeliner. We’re totally not suggesting you commit drastic beauty feats; what we are suggesting is that you check out these ah-mazing beauty apps. Each one of them provides you the ability to try out hairstyles, makeup looks, nail colors, etc. with no commitment necessary!

This user-friendly app allows you to upload or take an instant photo of yourself and change your hair style. We’re not talking about an effect that kind of colors your hair, we’re talking about a full on makeover. The app uses something called “auto-detect technology” which determines your face shape to accurately give you a ultra-realistic-looking idea of what a new cut or color would look like on you. You ca browse from a list of customizable looks to try or you can copy a celeb hairstyle.

L’Oreal Makeup Genius
This app using crazy-advanced facial mapping technology to show you how specific products and looks will look on you in real time – that’s right, you don’t have to take a perfect straight-on photo, just hold you phone up to your face. According to the app’s description “virtual makeup try-on has never been more real” as it is with this very app.

The most popular beauty makeover app that lets you do it all! The app uses a hi-tech facial recognition system which enables you to try all sorts of makeup looks (blush, eyeshadow, lipstick) with accurate placement and realistic looking results. In addition to trying makeup trends out for size, you can also give that new ‘do you’ve been thinking about a chance. Whether you have a specific look in mind or admire a certain celeb’s red carpet look, you can try it all on ModiFace.

Sure, the idea of a nail polish color app sounds silly, but when you take a second to think about the app, you’ll likely agree that it’s extremely practical. Any girl knows the struggle of picking out a nail color at the salon, with a fear of the unknown (unknowing how the color will actually look when it cures). Not to mention the hassle of trying to buy a bottle of red nail polish – seriously how many shades of red are there?! The OPI app solves all these problems with just a few taps. You can choose your skin tone and nail length so that you know exactly how a nail color will look on you. You can look for a specific shade by searching the name of the color or you can browse through various collections. The best part? If you find a color you love you can save it so you have no hassle later!

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