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Make A Statement with Your Eyeliner

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Don’t ask me why I’m late…do you see this eyeliner?

Perhaps you’re going to the club for a girl’s night out. Maybe you’re chillaxing with your beau for a low-key night in. Or you could just be sick of your everyday eyeliner and are looking for a few ways to change up your eyeliner game. No matter what the reason, you’re here because you want your eye makeup to enhance your look. Lucky for you, we’ve gone through the hottest looks in eye makeup today, and chosen the ones that allow you to make a major statement – a statement with your eyeliner that is! Check out the statement-making eyeliner looks below and rock your favorite one tonight!

Ombre eyes
Oh yes. Ombre-anything is the hottest thing around, so why not ombre your eyes for the perfect statement, right? To rock this faded color look you’ll need four different eyeliners, each a different variation of a certain color. You can use an array of metallic colored liners, a set of blue and green for an aqua look, or set of colors you want really – as long as they blend into one another in some sort of light-to-dark fashion. Start by using the lightest color on your top lid by lining the very inner corner of your lash line, and stopping the like just before you get to the center. Now take the next shade and begin by slightly drawing over the end of the first line, and continue until you’ve just passed the center of the lash line. Use the third color and continue the line from the center to the end of the upper lash line. Finally, use your darkest shade to create a sassy winged look. Keep the rest of your makeup simple and your ombre eyeliner will steal the show.

Outlined eyeliner
This look is perfect for a holiday party but works every day of the year that you want your eyeliner to make a statement. You need two separate liners, the first should be the darkest black eyeliner that you can get your hands on. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a pencil, liquid, or crème liner, although you should use whichever you feel most comfortable creating a thick and sharp wing with. The second liner should be a liquid gold or silver glitter liner. It’s a good idea to use a primer on your lids for this look, then when you’re ready, go ahead and use the black liner to create a bold winged look. Give the liner a second to set, then take the glitter liner line above the black liner from the center to the end of the wing. Next, use the glitter liner to line the lower lash line from the center to the inner corner of the eye. Swipe on some mascara and you’re done!

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Lilac eyeliner
Purple tones are a great way to make your eyes pop in just a few steps. You’ll need two different liners to perfect this statement look, one white eyeliner and one purple or lilac colored eyeliner. Begin by using the white liner to line your lower lash line. Keep in mind that you’ll be blending the liner, so it’s a good idea to draw it on relatively thicker than you normally would. Now, take the purple liner and line your lower lash line from the center outward, again, making sure it’s a thick – almost cakey – line. Now, use a small blending brush to blend the liner to for a soft and seamless transition from white to purple.

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