Makeup Trend Alert: Baking

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For anyone who is secretly praying that Kim Kardashian and her seemingly unending stream of trend-setting, every time she makes a move, will soon drop from the headlines altogether, and fade away into relative obscurity, there are a few trends that may just represent real hope for the possibility to become a reality. The makeup trend that made huge waves, debuted by Ms. Kardashian of contouring is now officially “out,” with more than one method of impressive beautification waiting in the wings to replace it as the leading look. We might have to admit that contouring had its time, its day and its place, but the new effects in cosmetic application are simply put: far lovelier, more alluring and less hard-edged than the drastic demarcation lines of contouring.

You Have to Accentuate the Positive
Now, it’s all about focus on the beauty of adding light, rather than the main emphasis of contouring being to introduce rather severe dark areas to the face, in order to create the contour. You could even look at it as a trend that is wholly concentrated from a positive focus. The effect is created by highlighting the most positive facial elements. This contrasts contouring’s aim to add faux hollows on the face. Contouring could be seen more as a negative method focused on undesirable plumper facial areas with dark makeup tones applied there, to conceal them.

This Baking Does Not Involve Heat or Even an Easy Bake Oven Light Bulb
Before you begin conjuring up torturous visions of being on your knees, in front of your open oven, elbows resting on the open door, with your entire head fully integrated into the 350 degrees oven cavity, STOP. Baking has never been a term associated with the cosmetics industry, and in this context, you can rest assured that at no time does this process ever involve placing your face even close to an oven or heat source. Baking is painless, easy and actually fun to do–and you get awesome results, in the end.

How it’s Done
Baking comes with more benefits than just looking good. This method gives you a longer lasting makeup base you can depend on. You begin with an application of foundation, followed by a thick layer of powder, which is a couple shades lighter than your natural shade. In applying the lighter shade, concentrate on specific areas, including above the eyes, the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, chin and forehead. This is when the “cooking” occurs: so at this point, you simply pause the process for ten to thirty minutes–while you do something else–as the “cooking” phase takes place. The natural heat from your body is all that’s needed to “cook” the makeup, and secure it for the day.  Finally, go over your face with a light brushing, to smooth and gently blend for a seamless appearance that will give you a flawless finish. Welcome to the latest trend of the stars – stayed tuned for the next “it” fad!

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