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While there are so many girls who have curly hair, only recently have a lot of them even let the world know about it. Straight hair has dominated the hair fashion scene for so long, for a lot of reasons–but finally, curls have come into their own, with amazing response-looks from every direction and we’re discovering that what was previously perceived as a hair pain is actually a hair blessing.

Curl Specifics
The main consideration with curls is that they require special thinking, efforts, consideration, along with a ton of extra conditioner. They look best when worn with certain fashion items, and they are always statement hair, no matter how you style them. Because of the immense popularity that curls are currently trending with, the tips, tricks and hacks for beautifying curls have never before been so plentiful. There are a few uncharted areas we’ve still left to venture out into, within the curly world, and one is all about looking into certain specifics to elevate the curly girl to her rightful status, by curl-specific makeup application and associated techniques.

It Depends
The exact way you wear your curls will have the greatest influence on how you apply your makeup. A lot of the time, curls that are worn wild and free can obscure a bit more of your face, which would necessitate a heavier hand with the eyes, and possibly also the lips. While most of us look better–or  feel like we do–when we’re wearing makeup, curly hair, when done right, can do all the talking–with the scantest degree of blush and lip stain sufficing, but taking a back seat, nonetheless. Pull those curls back and upwards, and give some smokey effects to your eyes, some sparkly eyeshadow just beneath the brows, and a glossy pale pink or peach on the lips, and you’re good.

Dark, playful eyes.

The Curly Girl’s Eyes
Curly girls with big eyes should play them up, double time, with contrasting liner effects and dark, dramatic attention to the lid crease and outside lower portion of the top lid. Mid-lid, some sparkly gold tones play along nicely with the whole curl ambiance, and if you’ve got some extra lashes to power up the babydoll look, go for using them. After applying your lashes, come back with a thin liner stroke to blur the demarcation line between the lash base and your lid. Go ahead and do up the bottom lid with smokey hues, and lay on the mascara, while you’re there. If your eyes are on the small side, you can work the makeup till the cows come home and never accomplish anything of aesthetic value. Go light on the eyes and glam up your lips, full-tilt, with liner, one of those sultry, sexy purple reds that are so now–and total matte or full gloss–none of that in-between stuff will do here.

Brows Around
Curly hair is best complemented by thicker, fuller brows that form a nice, clean arc above the eye. Pencils are fine, but for a softer, more natural effect from more blending power, go with one of the new powder brow colors–never go lighter, and only go a shade or two darker than your natural color, if you must darken at all.

Fundamentals of Foundation
Curls and contouring seem to go hand in hand. There’s something about the geometric sympatico between those effervescent little coils and ringlets cascading down and around your face that is rife for the angular lines of contouring. Make sure to blend well, and don’t go too extreme, but just enough to speak the language of savvy chic unison between hair and face. And an illuminating facial glow is an ideal accompaniment for your ringlets.

More is Fine for Curlies, but…
When you have a longer mane of curly tresses, it’s fine to break the old standard of “pick one.” You get a full pass to accentuate both your lips and eyes more than with other hair types–just as long as you remember there is a “look” line you don’t want to cross–the one that’s prevalent on Broadway stages and circus performers, mostly. Let them keep that much makeup drama for themselves.

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