Makeup Products That Do Double Duty

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Beauty and skin experts today have a wealth of knowledge that, when implemented effectively, can make a major difference in our health and beauty for years to come. From applying SPF daily and drinking ample amounts of water, to exfoliating regularly and toning after washing, professionals have consumers reaching every product to serve the advice. On the one hand, there’s no denying the benefits one can reap by using a slew of products every day; the task of actually incorporating so many skin and beauty products into a regular beauty routine, on the other hand, can become daunting, to say the least. Wouldn’t it be nice to have just a few products that can get the job done? Fortunately, there are! So, rather than getting overwhelmed with a growing collection of products, keep your beauty must-haves at bay with these makeup products that do double duty. Not only will these products multitask for you, but they will save you time and space!

Acne Fighting Concealer
Whoever coined this idea deserves some sort of recognition because the idea is simply genius. The main reason that concealer is applied is to hide acne; while masking blemishes, this product goes above and beyond by fighting and killing bacteria. Of course, it’s not going to clear your acne, but it will certainly make a difference in the pimple’s healing process.

BB/CC Cream
Chances are you’ve seen, read about or even used BB or CC cream in the past, but do you know why these creams are so popular? This Asian based beauty product has your back by working overtime; by applying a single, even layer of BB cream, you’ll be applying a layer of moisturizer, SPF and light coverage foundation. Slightly different, CC cream provides all the same benefits of a BB cream, as well as a color correcting base which does a little more to blur imperfections. Talk about a time saver!

Makeup Cleansing and Removing Wipes
At first glance, it may seem that removing makeup is truly the only job for the pre-moistened clothes, however, there’s more than meets the eye! In addition to removing makeup, these wipes are equipped to clean up dirt, oil, and pollutants as well. This means that you can use them as a quick refresher in the morning before putting on makeup or even after a workout. Makeup wipes are also great for fixing makeup mishaps such as smudged lipstick or smeared eye makeup.

lip balm

Lip Balm
Bound to surprise a few of you, lip balm wasn’t just meant for your tween days. It’s a great option to heal and protect your lips while adding some shine and even some color. Another great color-related aspect about lip balm is that, unlike traditional lipstick, you can swipe it on as often as you please without having to worry about the color staining the skin around your lips.

Facial Spray
This hard-working product is truly underrated! With just a spritz or two, many facial sprays tone, set and hydrate. The key to making sure the spray you choose can multitask is to make sure that it has either rose water or witch hazel (and if you can find one with both then that’s even better).

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