Makeup Looks For Spring 2017

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Makeup application is truly a work of art; with a clean face, beauty lovers around the world prep themselves for the day by drawing corresponding lines and brushing on pigments of various colors using the most precise placement as they transform the bare canvas into a work of beauty. Just like fine art trends have changed over time, makeup trends alter – if even the slightest bit – with each and every season. Per usual, the dawn of a new year has presented the beauty world with new makeup looks that will have you saying “yasss.” So get ready, grab your makeup bag and head to the mirror with excitement, because as you read on we’ll tell you about the most fabulous makeup looks for spring 2017.

Natural Brows
There has been quite a focus on brows in the makeup world over the past few months, so this shift is a rather refreshing change. For those of you who’ve struggled to get your brows on fleck, worry no more because your imperfect brows are just perfect.

Bold Minimalism
Minimalism has been trending for a few years now and its allure is grasping the attention of more and more markets each day. This spring, beauty fans are adding a chic twist to the minimalist trend by flaunting a bold lip with a totally and completely bare face. While many fashion-faces have worn this look with a deep brown or plum colored lip, some models have been spotted with lips contoured in black and gold glitter. As long as your complexion is totally clean, the bolder the lip, the better!

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Really Red Lips
A red lip may never go out of style; perhaps it’s like the classic jeans and tee as a staple in the fashion world. Last season, red lips typically tinted the color of merlot, however, this season it’s all about a deep and vibrant red lip – think Marilyn Monroe red lipstick. The best thing about this new color trend is that a red lip looks good on any woman, no matter what skin tone or ethnicity.

Watercolor Eyes
Watercolor details have been incorporated into a number of fashion lines over the past few years, so it makes sense that the trend would find its way into the beauty world. This mermaid-like look can be tricky to create at first, but once you’ve got it down, it’s beyond beautiful. The idea is to take three-to-four different colors of shadow and blend them into each other. Sounds easy, right? Well, in order to get the watercolor effect, the colors need not be the same color. We suggest playing around with pastel pinks, blues, greens, and golds to achieve a delicate watercolor look.

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Blasted Lashes
Although long, luxurious lashes have been a part of many women’s makeup looks for years now, this spring there has been a major focus on lashes as a complete look, rather than to top off a smoky eye. In keeping with the no makeup, natural complexion trend of the fall, you can best achieve this look by keeping your face completely bare and just playing up your lashes – nothing else.

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