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Makeup Application and Cleansing Tips That Avoid Tugging & Wrinkles

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Aging is an absolutely inevitable part of life – the sooner one can accept this, the better. That being said, some of you may have accepted that you will grow old and wise, but you just don’t want to endure wrinkles before you have too. Wrinkles – beauty’s clock – are a sign that the skin is losing its elasticity. While this is a natural process and is bound to happen to anyone with skin, there are a handful of things that you may be doing to speed up this process, including the way you apply your makeup in the morning and remove your makeup at night. The good news is that there are ways to avoid tugging and pulling on your skin!

  • One of the hardest habits for a girl to break is pulling on her eyes while applying makeup. At first thought you may be thinking I don’t do this, but think again. Think about the process that you go through when applying eyeliner to your waterline, drying a cat-eye along your lash line, and even applying falsies or mascara. Chances are that you’re either pulling the skin on your brow bone up or tugging the skin at the corner of your eyelid outward. This needs to stop!! You can apply makeup just as effectively by tilting your face in different directions while you apply your makeup. Just try to keep your hands off your face as much as possible.
  • Taking off as much makeup as you can at night is essential…but aggressiveness and roughness are unnecessary. It can be frustrating when you want to go to bed after a long day and your makeup just isn’t cooperating, but when you start rubbing and scrubbing to speed up the process you can be doing more harm than good. In fact, when you start putting elbow grease into removing makeup, you are tugging and pulling on the delicate facial skin. Doing so can cause broken blood vesicles, irritation, and puffiness – all of which can lead to wrinkles. Instead of rushing the process, use this time as a practice of incorporating patience into your otherwise fast paced life. When removing makeup, let the cleansing solution really soak into the product; hold a warm washcloth over the solution and close your eyes for a few moments while the cleanser does its thing. By the time you’ve taken a few deep breaths your makeup will wipe off with of any aggressive scrubbing or tugging.
  • You may already know that the skin naturally produces natural oils to make up for what the outer layers of skin are lacking.  One of the benefits of the skin’s natural oils is that it keeps the skin smooth and supple; when the skin is dry it doesn’t fare well and tends to wrinkle faster. It’s important to understand this concept as it applies to washing your face. When you over wash (especially with harsh chemicals) you are stripping the skin of its natural oils, drying the skin out and increasing the likelihood that wrinkles will form sooner rather than later. The takeaway point here is not to over wash. Simply wash your face to freshen up, but don’t get sudsy more than you need to.
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