Looking Good While You Holiday Meal Prep

The holidays are almost here! That means if you’ll be entertaining friends and family like most people do throughout this festive season, it can be difficult to get everything done in the kitchen with meal prep and look fabulous in the process too. Don’t worry. It can be done with just a little foresight to make sure that your looks don’t get left behind, like that gross fruitcake that your Auntie Marge always brings over. Why does she still bring that? No one eats it ever. Anyway, here are some getting ready tips that will have you looking gorgeous while you’re hard at work in the kitchen with all your holiday meal preparations.

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Give Yourself Time To Get Ready
Many people make this mistake, thinking that they will start things in the kitchen and then step away later to get ready before the guest arrive. This almost never works out for anyone. Inevitably you’ll end of without enough time between preparing your food to actually getting out of the kitchen to fully apply your makeup or even shower. Do this before you start all your kitchen work.

If you have to get up a little early, do it. Take the time out for yourself to shower, do your hair, and apply your makeup. You can wear something casual while you are prepping and change later, but fully getting ready later on is probably not going to work out that well for you, unless you have significant help you can trust.

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Easy Hair That’s Out Of Your Way
If you have short hair, this isn’t an issue. But if you have long strands, the last thing you want to do is worry about them falling into the food you are preparing. That’s a holiday faux pas that you don’t want to deal with. So secure your hair into a cute top knot, chignon, or fishtail braid. There are so many ways to secure a cute updo yourself that with a little practice you’ll have an easy holiday pulled back style in no time flat.

Long Wearing Makeup Is a Must Have
The kitchen can get a little hot during the holidays. With your oven going and stove blazing at full temperature, it can be easy to get overheated and watch your makeup melt away. Try to prevent this by using long wearing, and waterproof makeup. Always prep with a primer for better, extended wear throughout the day. Cream to powder formulas in eyeshadow and blush tend to wear longer and are non-transferable. Waterproof eyeliner and mascara are a must have when you are working hard in the kitchen. Don’t worry so much about your lips, a stain will add some color without wearing off while you test some of your handiwork in the kitchen during the cooking process.


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