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As the new year takes off many adults will sign up for gym memberships and group fitness classes with the goal to change their lifestyle for the better. While it can be difficult to muster up the motivation to work out, many would argue that it’s harder to feel good about the way one’s self looks while working out. It may seem silly at first, but if a person is hitting the treadmill at the gym to lose weight they may be uncomfortable with the way that they currently look. Taking that lesser confidence level in a room full of other people (many of whom already attend the gym regularly) can be tough.

Maybe this scenario sounds familiar to you. If so, we want to commend you for your efforts to incorporate more fitness into your lifestyle! To show our support, we’ve put together this guide to give you all the information you need to look great when you’re working out. Although we can’t promise that you’ll look like a supermodel, we can promise that the tips below will help you feel more confident which will ultimately help you look your best.

Wear a  Properly Fitted Sports Bra
 Every single one of us is built differently – and that’s okay, it’s what makes each of us different from another. That being said, a single sports bra isn’t going to fit everyone the same way. While it may be a hassle, set aside some time to go shopping and find a sports bra that fits you. If you don’t know where to start, ask a salesperson for help. Explain to them your concerns so that they can best help you in finding a sports bra in the proper size and support you need.

Choose Breathable Materials
While working out in your favorite sweats and an old tee shirt might seem like a good idea, it’s probably not the best. When hitting the gym – or engaging in any sweat-inducing activity, really – it’s important to wear breathable materials. Not only will this prevent sweat stains from occurring, but it will wick away the heat and sweat from your body, which will ultimately encourage you to go the extra mile.

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Wear Your Hair Up
No matter how much you like to wear your hair down, it’s not in your best interest to do so during a workout. If you choose to wear your hair down, it’s almost guaranteed that it will end up in the corners of your lips, sticking to any sweat on your face and neck, and in a funky looking mess by the time you’re finished working out. Avoid this problem altogether by wearing your hair in an updo! Go for something simple, secure, and low maintenance such as a high ponytail, French braid, or messy bun.

Break The No-Makeup Rule
Although many people swear against wearing makeup to work out, some of us feel much better with a little extra coverage. We’re not suggesting that you get all dolled up for a workout, however, we’re saying that there’s nothing wrong with adding some color to boost your confidence. When working out, it’s best to use mineral makeup, as it’s less likely to clog your pores.

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