Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Artist Stirs Controversy

Makeup artist applying makeup on a little girl.

It’s a well-known fact that when most people hear the name ‘Kim Kardashian’, they can expect controversy to ensue. It’s currently no different for her personal makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, who posted a very controversial image to his Instagram account depicting an already gorgeous little girl of pre-pubescent age clad in a dark berry colored lipstick and dark cat-eye makeup.

As if this alone wouldn’t cause controversy enough between those who feel he went overboard and took it too far, and those who believe the look is perfectly acceptable, he captioned the photo with, “My future daughter  #soCute (this is not my makeup)”. Naturally, the photo gained an immense amount of attention across the internet in a very short amount of time, inviting backlash from those who oppose the sexualization of young girls through the media, and those who believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with a little girl being decked out for pictures of this sort.

Some commenters were completely supportive in a show of comments posted to the picture. One user stated, “she [sic] looks beautiful! It’s just makeup there is nothing wrong with that! It washes off people are making such a big deal out of absolutely nothing! There is no difference between this and Toddlers & Tiaras. #dontjudge”. Another user said, “Some of these ladies need to chill, didn’t they ever play with makeup as little girls? Maybe that’s why they’re fussing so much, cause [sic] they didn’t have fun in their childhood.”

Other commenters came at this MUA with some not-so-supportive comments, such as, “Protect the innocent,” and “Too young. Babies shouldn’t look like women.”

While it’s easy to understand why some people would be completely upset over this picture, it’s also easy to see the innocence in the photo as well for many. Considering the fact that the picture was done for this little girl’s modeling portfolio, who we now know to be Harper Tillman, a successful child model, many people feel as though the masses may be overreacting.

Many people found the picture to be over-sexualized in the sense that adorning a small child in this type of makeup, in this heavy of an application, with what could be perceived as a too-sexy eye makeup look for her age, is disconcerting – and many weren’t afraid to voice their opinions on it in the comment section. At the same time, many women believed the photo to be beautiful, adorable, and innocent – and say that most people are overreacting to what is a beautiful image of a little girl just being a little girl.

Our questions to our readers are these: What are your thoughts on the image? Do you feel as though this little girl is being sexualized in any manner, and that she is wearing a makeup look that is far too old for her age? Or, do you believe this is an innocent photograph with a little girl wearing a bit of makeup, and that people are over reacting completely in their backlash against the photo? Lionesse would love to hear your thoughts in a comment below.

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