Great Summer Nail Colors

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When summer weather makes way, out come the vintage cut-off shorts, the red bikinis and the umpteen pairs of leather sandals, which were shoved to the back of the closet all winter. It’s about that time when women are stocking up on their sun and after sun lotion favorites when they realize the only thing they’re missing is pretty painted nails and a perfectly matching pedicure.

Of course, the fashion world does a fabulous job of declaring which colors are and aren’t in; one thing’s for sure, neutral colors will be sticking around for a while. This summer bright polishes are pushed to the side in order to make way for lots of whites, nudes, and pastels. This summer’s nail colors are all about maintaining a posh, yet simple look. That mean’s that all those bright over-the-top nail designs which were popular last summer, aren’t making much of a comeback. This year, soft neutral colors are kept in balance with simple, black designs. Without further adieu, here are some of the hottest nail colors for summer 2016!


  • Lavender Crème/Gray Lavender: Muted lavender’s give a pleasant, ladylike twist to traditional gray. This color is a great chose for those who want to stay with the trend, but aren’t totally feeling the popular pastels.
  • Soft Mint Green/Sea Foam Green/Muted Sage: Remember when red was the new black? Well think of it this way: soft mint green is the new gray. This basically-pastel earthy tone goes with anything and everything; it’s bound the go-to color of spring.


  • Milky Pink/Taupe-ish Pink: This color is a few steps beyond a pastel, but still light enough to give off a ladylike vibe. Milky pinks are perfect to wear with bright colored outfits, as the warmth in the color tends to balance the brights out.
  • Warm Beige/Gray Brown: This deep shade airs a cool pink undertone that looks well on all skin tones. This color is less noticeable than others when it chips, which is why it makes a great choice for women who are tough on their hands.


  • Sheer White/High-Shine White: Unlike the opaque white that was popular last season, sheer or high-shine white won’t make your nails look viscous. This is the perfect go-to shade, since just like it’s polar opposite – black – it truly matches everything.
  • Creamy White/ Ivory: This shade of white looks amazing on every skin tone, and it’s super low maintenance. Ivory is the perfect color for those who notice that their nails are always chipping. Plus, this color is a great base for just about any special pattern or design you can dream of.


  • Multi-Colored Glitter: Multi-colored glitter is perfect for practically any summer occasion. You can even step things up a notch by getting chunky glitter; it’s like you’re brought the party on the tips of your fingers.
  • Polished Silver: Traditionally, silver is used when creating nail art, but this summer silver has graduated to full-nail privileges. Painting your nails a shiny silver shade is a great way to make a statement.
  • Rose Gold: A true classic; not only is rose gold a soft and famine shade, but it is a knock-out complementary color for all skin tones!
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