Goth Is Hot This Winter

gothic girl

“I’m…goth. And proud. It’s not just a subculture.
It’s a way of life.
It’s not about depression
or accessories or wearing all black (goths wear colors too).
It’s about how you choose to express yourself.”

|Source: Author Unknown|

There are many assumptions about gothic, or gothic style, many of which maintain a negative tone. Now’s the time to take whatever gothic related stigma you learned in your high school days and throw it out the window because gothic is in now more than ever before. We’re not talking about black flare pants with clunky chains chipped on there. We’re also not condoning the self-induced harm that is frequently associated with those who dress in a gothic fashion. Rather, we’re spreading the word that the mysterious, gothic style of hotter than ever this winter, and if you haven’t already, you should absolutely jump on this trend train.

Strutting to the Dark Side
Dressing gothic is basically drowning yourself in black clothes, right? WRONG! There are three totally different gothic styles that have made their way into the twenty-first-century fashion, each one being just slightly different than the next. Before dawning a gothic look, figure out which gorgeous gothic style you want to rock.

  • Sultry City Vamp: this style is often worn by the secretive elite who often engage in underground celebrations, a second or hidden life, and attend the most private gatherings. This gothic style is all about owning a mysterious simplicity.
  • Victorian Era Romantic: this style (which is also known as the Edwardian Era gothic style) revolves heavily around tighter than tight corsets and loose fitting tendrils.
  • Pastel Badass: this style looks exactly as it sounds. The most modern of the gothic styles, the pastille bad ass gothic style is the ultimate answer to the status quo through its incorporation of punk rock elements, gothic attitude, and dull hues.

Keeping it Consistent
The one thing that remains the same amongst each one of the different gothic styles is the need for consistency which incorporated throughout hair, makeup, and nails. In keeping the gothic theme consistent between the clothes on your body and your beauty routine. Since many people find gothic beauty the most difficult component of the gothic style, we’ve compiled a few tips for you to keep in mind while you get ready for your midnight hour.

  • Stay white, darling; regardless of the gothic style you’re going for, a pale face is a necessity. To do this, you should avoid any sort of makeup products that you would normally use to contour (i.e., bronzer, blush, highlighter).
  • Along those same lines, there are two products that you will want to invest in to keep your face looking its best. First is a quality moisturizer that is fortified with a high SPF. Of course, you should be doing this regardless, but that’s a whole different conversation. The second product you’ll want to keep in your beauty bag at all times is a foundation (either liquid or powder) that is just one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone.
  • If you’re going for the gothic look of either the Sultry City Vamp or the Victorian Era Romantic than you’ll want to keep your lips and nails on the deeper, darker side of the color spectrum. When thinking lip colors, consider blacks, deep reds, and dark browns. When choosing nail enamels, reach for colors such as black, navy, midnight silver, or even extremely dark greens.
  • Those rocking the pastel bad ass gothic look have the option of wearing anything from black lips to bare pouts. When choosing a nail color you might consider alternating a pastel shade with black, or even using a dark purple shade.
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