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When You Need a Shower, Right Now
All of us have been there, right? When you get that feeling that you just need to take a shower right that instant.

It is totally normal, and happens to the majority of us more than we would ever admit. Most get this feeling once a week; and it is normal to take a few extra minutes to work on the booty during #legday, causing you to run late to meet the girls, ultimately showing up in yogas and a band tee. Yeah, classic right? What are your typical “I need a shower now” moments? Let us know in the comments.

With spring in full swing, music festivals are happening one after another. Now, do not take this the wrong way, because festivals are a-mazing, but walking all over the festival grounds can take its toll. Per usual festival ideals, there are multiple shows happening in sync with one another, and in-between the next one! If you have never been to a festival before, that may have sounded a bit jumbled, but as any festival regular will tell you, festivals and the shows can get a bit mashed up, mixed up, and messy.

We regret to inform you have we have not yet found the cheat code to add more hours in the day (which would make all aspects of our life easier, including music festival timing). Instead, what we have found for you, are a few summer music festival hacks to freshen up between sets.

Did Anyone Remember Their Clarisonic Charger?
The chances for that one are highly unlikely. When you attend a summertime music festival with plans of camping out for a few days, you are probably better off leaving all your prized beauty tools, like your Lionesse Clipless Wand, and clarisonic face brush, at home. The reason being that chances are you will not actually get to use them. Of course, managing all the outdoor festivities is no easy feat; in fact, chances are more than likely that you will have one (if not more than one) of those “need to freshen up right now moments.” When that time comes, remember these trusty tips.

Sanitize: A summer music festival is the perfect time to delve into your collection of mini hand sanitizers. Whether you are about to eat or spilt something on your hands or just have an icky feeling, a hand sanitizer is perfect for a quick refresher. In addition to feeling icky outside your skin, you may also get an icky feeling within your mouth. Along with brushing (morning and night, ladies) you can clean up the yucky feeling in your mouth with a quick swish of mouth rinse.

Deodorize: This should go without saying, so let this be your reminder to pack deodorant or antiperspirant. You are bound to work up a bit of a sweat, so do your best to prevent your sweat glands from going into overtime.

(Try your best to) Pore Minimize: While chances are that you won’t be wearing too much makeup, your pores will still get filled with sunblock, oils, and (the culprit again) sweat. However, you can freshen up by gently wiping your face with some moist face wipes.

Reenergize: It is no secret that lack of sleep is connected to lack of patience. While a muggy summer day may not typically irritate you when you are spending 22 hours awake at a festival, your patience is bound to run low, and you may find yourself on the verge of a mental breakdown if you don’t get your shower. Do your best to avoid situations like these and refresh your sleep-wake cycle by doing your best to get at last six hours of sleep per festival night.

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