Fixing Smudged Eye Makeup

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The last thing any girl wants to see after perfecting her eye makeup is a smudge. Seriously – it’s like the longer you spend, and more content you are with your makeup, the sooner it will smudge on you. Often times, you notice this on your lunch break or in-between classes, and as much as you may want to wash your face and reapply you look entirely, it would be impossible. Fortunately, we have a celeb-stylist approved trick on what to do next time you notice a smudge (and starting your makeup over isn’t an option).

Before you leave the house, there are a few things you should have in your bag – just in case. As we know how silly it would be for one to plan for a makeup smudge, however, we think being prepared is the furthest thing from silly. So, just how can you make sure you’re prepared for the next mishap? In your arsenal, you’ll need a travel size container of micellar water (in the event that you can’t find a travel size, regular ol’ makeup remover will work just fine), a clean concealer brush or a little box of cotton swabs, and a travel size mascara and eyeliner.

The moment when you notice a smudge, your immediate reaction may be to wipe it with your finger – don’t do that! Instead, take out the clean concealer brush and dip it into the micellar water, then wipe it along the smudge. If the smudge is bigger than the width of the brush you may need to wipe the brush on a piece of tissue, then re-dampen the bristles with micellar water. Continue to do so until you’ve completely cleaned up the smudge. Viola – you’re done!

Now, there are sometimes when makeup doesn’t just smudge, but it almost slips out of place creating an odd-looking smudge. When this happens, cleaning the smudge off of the skin is only fixing half the problem, as you may need to reapply – or at least touch-up – your eyeliner or mascara. When this is the case, you’ll want to use that travel size mascara and eyeliner that you packed – look at you, girl, all prepared and such!

Okay, so we told you how to fix a smudge without completely starting over, but wouldn’t it be amazing if makeup smudges just didn’t happen? Hey, a girl can dream! To help prevent smudges as much as possible, we thought we’d pass along to you a few pro tips of smudge-prepping your eye makeup – check ‘em out:

  • Begin Bare: one of the best ways to keep eye makeup in place is to apply the product to a freshly cleaned complexion.
  • Use a Base: the one exception to applying makeup to a clean base is to apply a moisturizer followed by an eye makeup primer. A simple rule of thumb: the better the primer, the longer it’s likely to last.
  • Seal and Set: beauty gurus are going crazy over the setting sprays on the market today, and for a good reason too – they work! All you need to do is mist your finished look with one of these sprays and it should hold its place for hours!
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