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If you’re like most women, you probably have a bag or drawer containing a variety of lipsticks. Some of which have a glossy finish and others are matte,  some are classic colors while others are more trendy. In fact, in your entire lipstick collection, you could probably point out – very easily, too – the colors which you wear all the time and those which you’ve not touched more than once. This happens because we as women, tend to fall in love with the way something looks on another person (i.e. a specific shade of lipstick), but are quick to notice when something doesn’t look quite right on us. Of course, we’re not likely to consider how well a color will suit us mid-makeup haul, which is exactly why we end up with the unused, almost forgotten lipsticks.

The good news is, you can avoid buyer’s remorse by simply learning your signature shade of lipstick. Perhaps you have some sorts of an idea, simply from the colors that you favor, however, if you read through the tips below you will be able to pinpoint the color that’s perfect for you.

What Color are Your Unders?
Undertone that is! The first part in figuring out which lipstick shade suits you best is to identify whether you have a pink or yellow undertone. If you’re totally confused on how to figure it out, there are a few simple key identifiers for each. Pink undertones are typically described as “cooler,” the veins on one’s wrist and ankles appear blue and is best accented with silver jewelry. Yellow undertones, on the other hand, are described as “warmer,” with veins which appear as more of a green color, and is best accented with gold jewelry. If you still can’t seem to define your skin’s undertone, it’s possible that you have a neutral undertone. Neutral undertones have veins that could be called green or blue depending on the lighting, and pair nicely with both gold and silver jewelry.

Work With What You’ve Got
Now that you can define your skin’s undertone you should use this when deciding on a shade. But what does this mean for you? Those of you who have a pink undertone should choose lipstick colors that are cooler, such as shades with blue or purple tones. On the other hand, if you’ve determined that your skin has a yellow undertone, then you should stick to warmer colors, such as shades with peach or brown undertones.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing your signature color is to avoid the colors that offer a pale hue. No matter how popular the trend may be at the time, it’s almost guaranteed that you will look back at your selfies in horror! Lipsticks with a gray or ashy appearance are great for Halloween and maybe for a fun night out, but it would be unwise to choose such a color as your signature lip color. Doing so will give the appearance that you are unhealthy and ill.

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