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Fall Skin Care Trends

One common mistake you can be guilty of making is to pick a skin care regimen and stick to it, 24/7, all throughout the year. Now, this is not to say that some elements of a well-chosen skin care routine should not be followed through the entire year, because many of the things you’re doing right now are essential, day in, day out. The time of year when heat gives way to chill (fall) and when chill is melted by warmth (spring,)–these are the two times of year when a good look at your skin care efforts to best make changes that will account for certain forthcoming changes in the weather and the atmosphere to come. What you will find most likely is that your routine components won’t change so much as the specific products you use, from season to season.

Woman applying a moisturizer.

Hydration Needs for Fall
Those brisk cool days of fall owe much of their refreshing zing to a significant change in the humidity. The characteristic hazed skies of the summer months may still reveal clouds in significant numbers, but most of the humidity will be confined to the clouds, and not the general atmosphere. This is evidenced by the deeper blue color of the sky. And the breezy days of autumn, coupled with the dryer air have a drying effect on your skin that you didn’t have to worry about in the summer months. Even if your skin is more combination (with a T-zone,) than outright dry, it’s just as important to change your moisturizer for the fall. The right moisturizer can even emulsify with your facial oils, meaning they’ll be less concentrated on your T-zone. Look for a fall moisturizer that is more emollient and creamy, unlike the lighter ones for summertime. And the importance of keeping that moisture going increases, correlating to the amount of time you will be spending out of doors, where your skin will be directly affected by the fall weather.

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You Need a Moisture Barrier
Part of what gives autumn air its distinctive cool crispness is drier air. Cool, dry air supplies your skin with less ambient hydration, and on breezy days, it can even carry away moisture from the surface of your skin. For dry or combination skin, changing weather means it’s time to change your moisturizer. A more emollient cream instead of a light summer lotion gives your skin’s surface more protection from becoming rough and parched. Even oily complexions sometimes benefit from a richer moisturizer, especially if you take your exercise routine outside to enjoy the weather.

Woman showering.

Shower with Fall Protection
During the cooler months of fall, it’s a time when the clothing you wear covers more of your skin, and at the same time your fall clothing covers more skin, it can be wicking away any natural moisture produced by your skin, some fabrics more than others.  Look for adding a rich body wash to your shower routine. Sulfate-free body washes are what you’ll want, and non-drying (oil-free) formulations will give your skin the extra help it needs to be sufficiently hydrated. After lightly toweling off, cover self from shoulders to toes with a body lotion specifically created for your skin type. You’ll need to use different products on your neck and face that are specifically designed with fall ambiance in mind. Today’s oiliest skin radiantly thrives with moisturizing from many new oil-free formulas available.

Woman exfoliating her legs.

Out with the Old
In this case, we’re talking skin–and fall is probably the time when exfoliation is most needed, following summer’s outdoor life. In selecting an exfoliating product, stay clear of harsh scrubs–they only irritate. Many oil-based sugar scrubs do the trick without damaging your healthy skin just beneath. For more exfoliation help, consider signing up for a spa visit, for enjoying an invigorating exfoliating peel or full body scrub.

Woman applying sunscreen.

Don’t Neglect
You might be spending a lot less time out of doors, and you’re probably covering your skin with more clothing than you did throughout the summer months, but even on the cloudiest of fall and even winter days, you still need sunscreen. The best skin protection will contain finely milled titanium, and especially following any spa or home-conducted exfoliating procedure, “sunscreen-up!”

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