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Evening Shades: “It” Lip Colors for Night Time

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They say that the eyes are the “windows to the soul” but the lips say it all! At night, your makeup needs to be a bit more dramatic to make an impact. Those nude shades and peach glosses that give you a natural, beautiful look during the day will look washed out at night. You need brighter and bolder colors to play up your best look at night.

Hues have changed and become a little more bold and daring this year. Here are a few on-trend lip colors that you might want to try now when you are getting ready for a night on the town:

Pink is popular right now, and fuchsia is a more amplified version of the color. With fuchsia lips, you can feel feminine and bold. The pink tones will play up the pink highlights in your skin, which will help you achieve the look of a healthy glow. Fuchsia will brighten your face, no matter your skin tone- start with a toned down pink and work your way up to a power packed plum if you are a little timid about this bold color.

Brick Red
Is classic red a little too bright for you? Brick red allows you to get a strong red color, but it tones down some of the highlights for a more mature look. The best part about using a really bold color like brick red is that you don’t have to do as much with your eyes. A natural shadow and swipe of mascara is all you need. You won’t have to worry about thick eyeliner or tricky, smoky eyes.

Burnt Sienna
Burnt sienna is like a rusty orange. It is a brown and red that has a hint of copper. The combination creates an interesting look that you won’t see on everyone else. Burnt sienna is best for warm skin tones, but even cooler skin tones can pull it off. The color will provide warmth, and you can match it with similar colors to intensify the effect.

Plum is a sophisticated color that will help you bring out your inner goddess. It is a deep reddish-purple color that will create a bold and sexy look. Carefully choose the rest of your makeup. Defined brows and flawless foundation will go best with plum lips. You can bring out the color with a dab of peach lip gloss, as well. Plum lips often go well with darker skin tones, but like burnt sienna, this color can work with any skin tone. You just need to choose your other colors carefully to create the best look for your features.

Getting the right lip color can help you create a polished and pulled-together look. Plus, the right lip color can take your look from drab to fab. Whether you prefer glosses or mattes, you can’t go wrong with these “it” shades! Try out some of these hot new lip colors for your next evening out and see what a difference they can make. You can inject some new life into your usual makeup look.

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