Easy Makeup Styles for Teenagers

The teen years are fraught with self-discovery and finding an acceptable balance between the younger, fast departing self and the full-blown woman you will become one day. At no other time in life, does your image seem to produce the most influence on practically every aspect of your life. Many teens have experience applying makeup, whether from practice with friends, or from the special occasions where they received permission (or not) to add the striking touches that makeup provides. The best way to reveal to the world that you are new to wearing makeup is to apply it in the wrong way. Typical teen makeup fails come from applying too much of anything, but also from overly vivid colors, over lined lips and foundation that is visibly caked-on. You can completely avoid potential embarrassment and look fabulous–and like you know what you’re doing, by following some tried and true directives.

Young woman applying foundation

Makeup to Cover-up
Unless applied correctly, plastering on the foundation to cover breakouts from pimples and blemishes will only draw attention to the problem you had hoped to cover up. Avoid breakouts with a good skin care regimen, and if worse, see a dermatologist for help. When foundation is correctly used, you can’t tell it’s there.

For Teen Eyes
Brown eyeliner is the best color to get started with. It will look more natural and not produce the severity of black for tender teen beauty. You might begin by using a lash curler, and then follow up with one nice coat of brown mascara. Now, black mascara can be your go-to for special occasions, like parties.

Also, go easy on the color! Metallics are uber-hot right now but you do not want to look like a robot. Subtle shades of violet or green are the “it” hues this season – follow these colors with a dusting of gold or silver on top.

Falsies are another trend that is gaining momentum, but keep length and thickness to a minimum. Fake eyelashes can give anyone that doe-eyed appearance. Begin with single lashes and work your way up into full on lash coverage – just to give you an idea of what look fits your eyes best.

Teen applying pink lipstick.

Teen Lipwear
Again, the best makeup application comes from others not being able to tell if you’re wearing it or not. For now, stick to clear or tinted lip glosses and balms, like pale pinks, peaches and pale colors. Darker lip colors will make you look like your mother on a bad day.

For the Fresh Teen Face
Many teen faces look so nice and fresh without foundation that to wear some would only downgrade their beauty. Foundation can be applied to even out skin tone and help to conceal blemishes. Less, however, is more! Have some reliable help in selecting the right shade for you. Mineral powder foundations are wonderfully light, don’t clog pores and don’t cake-up on you. Apply with a smallish brush, with ample lighting, and blend carefully, all over. Go easy on blush, too. Leave the bright rosy cheeks for circus performers.

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