Easy Dance Recital Makeup

Stylist applying makeup

There’s really no other proper introduction to this article than to come right out and say it: dance recital season has begun. An essential part of a dancer’s stage presence is her makeup, considering that without proper makeup, it can be next to impossible for the audience to actually see a person’s face while on stage. Below you will find a step-by-step tutorial of an easy dance recital makeup look. This look is perfect for all dancers! So whether it’s you performing or your daughter, this easy dance recital makeup tutorial is all you’ll need!

  1. You’ll want to start with a fresh clean face, being sure to pull your hair out of your face if it hasn’t already been styled.
  2. As always, before applying any coverage, you should use a moisturizer suited to your skin type, followed by a high-quality primer.
  3. Since you will be dancing, it is highly likely that you will be sweating at some point. For this reason, we recommend that you use makeup products that are tailored to oily skin or long-wear, or contain mattifying ingredients. For best results use a mineral based powder foundation, this way it when you do perspire your coverage is less likely to cake or streak the way that a liquid or crème foundation would.
  4. Be sure to blend the foundation up and into your hairline and down to your chin, neck and décolleté to prevent the stage lights from pointing out any color-flaws.
  5. Now, here is the one foundation exception, which goes against step three: use a crème based concealer for your under eyes. This is okay because is it such a small amount that even if it does crease, it will not be noticeable.
  6. Prepare for additional eye makeup by applying a high-quality long-lasting eye makeup primer to your upper eyelids.
  7. Use a translucent powder or finishing powder to set the coverage provided by the foundation and concealer. It’s perfectly fine to dust your eyelids as well, no harm will be done.
  8. Because stage lights will wash out the color of your complexion, it is important to use a powered blush or rouge. However, because you won’t be using bronzer as state makeup, the blush it applied a bit different than usual; instead of just applying the color to the apples of your cheeks, you will use the brush to dust the color from the apples of your cheeks along your cheekbone, up to your hairline. This application is very similar to a bronzer application, the difference being that it should not look as “sharp” and structured as bronzer. If you are unsure, check out some YouTube tutorials of how to use blush when applying stage makeup.
  9. Again, beat the stage light washout by using eyebrow powder or an eyebrow pencil to sculpt and define your brows.
  10. As far as a standard of stage makeup, pearl or opal colored shadow is applied to the eyelids and a nude or light brown color shadow is applied to the outer corner and brow bone. Now, if your dance team or dance company has decided on a specific coordinated color, you should go with that color!
  11. Apply black eyeliner to the top and bottom lash lines as you typically would, keeping in mind that you want to use a moderately-heavy hand for this particular application. Most dancers apply a set of false lashes, this is up to you and your comfort level.
  12. Finally, finish the look with some classic red lip liner and lipstick. As with step ten, if your dance company has instructed you for wear an alternative color, go ahead and do so!
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