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False eyelashes are becoming more and more popular by the second. With today’s hottest celebs sporting extra long lashes, and some even teaming up with beauty and cosmetic companies to endorse falsies, it is no wonder ladies everywhere are stocking up on lashes for every occasion.

Prom is right around the corner, and what better way to slay in those prom pictures than to have on a pair of stunning fake lashes? For those of you who want to complete your prom night look with the perfect pair of lashes, but just are not quite sure how to do so, ponder no longer. Bellow are some of the beauty industry’s best tips and tricks, giving you everything you need to know about falsies.

Know What Kind of Lashes You are Looking For 
It can be difficult picking out the perfect pair of falsies the first few times, especially when you are not totally sure what they will look like once you apply them. To help, decide which type of lashes to apply, you should first figure out what kind of makeup look you are going for.

  • If you are going for a natural makeup look: go for the lashes that look a bit more delicate and light. These will add a tiny bit of volume and length to your natural lashes, without giving the “falsie” appearance.
  • If you are going for a sultry, dramatic look: go for the lashes that are a bit thicker and darker than the natural looking lashes. These falsies usually vary in length (from long to short), and are perfect for special occasions where you want a heavy makeup look.
  • If you are going for a bold, stage makeup look: go for the lashes that are so    full that they almost look like they would be difficult to wear for an entire day. Stage makeup and photo shoot makeup are supposed to be extremely heavy and dark, making full lashes perfect.

Size and Curl Your Lashes 
One of the biggest mistakes that falsie newbies make is not sizing the lashes to fit and forgetting to give them the initial curl. You can make sure your falsies fit by lining them up against your natural lash line. The length between the beginning and end of your natural lash line should be the length of your falsies; go ahead and snip off any extra length with a clean pair of scissors. Once you have sized the lashes, use a pair of tweezers to help you hold the base as you curl the lashes with your eyelash curler.

Apply Your Lashes Looking Down 
Applying falsies can be tricky, which is probably the reason why more women opt out of the falsie game. One of the best ways to apply false lashes to yourself is by laying a mirror flat on the table in front of you, and looking down as you apply the lashes. Using this method reduces the chances of blinking and gives you a better view of your natural lash line, which means you will have a much better chance of lining up your lashes on the first try.

Apply a Few Coats of Mascara 
Just because you got your falsies lined up, does not mean you are exempt from using mascara. Go ahead and apply two or three extra coats of mascara to your lashes. This will help blend the natural and artificial lashes together, making them look more uniform. In addition, the mascara will act as another layer of glue, by bonding the lashes on top of each other together, so they are less likely to slip off.

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