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Friends at a music festival

Jump, clap, and shout, because after all, it is concert and festival season! With the temperatures getting hotter, women often struggle to find a makeup look that truly suits them and the blazing hot weather; not to mention finding makeup that can withstand all the dancing, singing, and sweating that goes down at a good show. In the past, we have made the strong suggestion that festival goers do their best to avoid wearing heavy makeup, as your skin is bound to get aggravated by the end of the day with the toll that sun and sweat take on your pores.

That said, when going to a single concert with the girls, or even spending just one day at the festival with plans of returning home, we are all for the perfect concert makeup look. Knowing that you will have the ability to wash your beautiful face before you hit the sack makes it totally fine to apply as much makeup as you would like.

Pull out the Face Paint 
So you know that you will be returning home in the wee hours of the morning, and you want to go all out with your makeup. The thing with concerts and music festival shows is that there are tons of people; we are talking about crowds of hundreds and thousands of people, so of course, you want to show off a bit with your look, right? Of course, we have you covered with some perfect crowd friendly, festival face makeup looks.

Woman wearing red lipstick

Luscious lips
If you are more of a lip girl than an eye girl, this look is simple and perfect. Just as with the first two looks, go ahead and apply SPF and a tinted moisturizer. Then do nothing else other than applying the brightest color lipstick that you can find. This is simple and daring, and bound to get you noticed in a crowd.

Petal Eyes
You know the look we are talking about, with the flowers painted in a C shape around the eye. This one is super clutch,  when it is done correctly. For this example, we are going to explain how to paint sunflowers. After applying SPF and a tinted moisturizer, grab the brown and yellow face paint. Start by creating a small brown dot (no bigger than your pinky nail) at the top of you cheek bone. Now, with the yellow face paint, create the petals, being sure to use only as much paint as you need. By using too much paint, the flower will get chunky and flake off before the show begins. Repeat this a few more times so you have a crescent moon of flowers around your eye. You can finish off this look by using lash adhesive to add some silver and gold glitter around the flowers.

Arrow Eyes
If you want something that stands out in the crowd a bit more, you will want to start the same by applying SPF and a tinted moisturizer. Then grab three or four different colors of face paint. The colors are up to you, you can coordinate them with what your outfit, match them to the bands commonly used colors, or just pick from a hat — point being, the colors are completely up to you! What you are going to do is take the first color and draw a sideways V to frame the outside of each eye, basically, paint this shape ‘ < ‘ with the top nearing your brow bone and the bottom reaching your cheekbone. Now outline the first < with each additional color.

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