Creating a Natural Look With Your Foundation

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There is nothing worse than dried on cakey foundation. That is not natural and doesn’t look like real skin. You may think you need to pile on the foundation to cover up your skin issues, but in reality it just highlights them more. Minimal coverage is what you should be after with your makeup. You just ideally want to even out the skin tone, hide imperfections, and air brush out redness to a flawless finish. The goal is to have skin that looks like beautiful skin, not like makeup at all. Here are some tips to ensure a stunning foundation application that looks more natural than not.

Prime The Skin
Your makeup is only going to look as good as your skin care underneath, so make sure you are on the right skin care regimen for your skin type. That means regular cleansing at night, proper exfoliation, and the right hydration to ensure that your skin is in the best shape possible. If you need assistance with improving the look of your natural skin, talk to a dermatologist to find out what you can be doing to make your skin as naturally beautiful as it can be.

Choose The Right Foundation Shade and Formula
Half the battle in foundation is choosing the right one. There are countless bottles that you can choose from brought to you by a variety of cosmetics companies. People can get very loyal to a foundation and rightfully so. It’s a total pain to have the one you have loved for years be discontinued.

If you need help getting the shade just right, take a gal pal with you to the makeup store, try it on before you buy it, and check it out in natural light. Seriously, don’t be afraid to ask for a mirror check it outside of the store. Most makeup artists who have any skills will know the importance of this and will gladly give you a hand mirror to inspect the color in natural light.

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Apply The Right Way
You probably know whether you are a fingers, sponge, or foundation brush person. In all honesty, there isn’t an ideal way to apply the foundation. Some makeup artists might disagree with this fact, but it’s true. It’s what you are comfortable with that is going to be the better method for you. They all work just fine.

Set Your Foundation Always
This tip isn’t up for debate. Even with all the long wearing foundations you can buy, it’s still important that you set your work with a loose, translucent powder. So grab that big fluffy brush and dust a sheer layer all over your face. This is going to ensure longer wear for your foundation that will last all day long.


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