Contour Away Your Double Chin

While many women are often embarrassed by them, we want to remind everyone that a double chin is natural and sometimes out of one’s control. Some are simply born with a bone structure that leads to a double chin, others experience it as the result of pregnancy, medication, or diet-related weight gain. For many, a double chin is just part of the natural and inevitable aging process. Whatever the cause, there are solutions available which offer both immediate and prolonged results. Today, however, we want to share with you the secrets on how to immediately contour away your double chin.

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Below you will find the step by step process of lessening your double chin using the power of cosmetics. Before you begin, we want to remind you that a clean canvas is a key to a painter’s success, which is why you should always wash and dry your face before applying any sort of product. On a secondary note, it’s a good idea to apply a serum and SPF moisturizer prior to beginning makeup application.

  1. Begin by applying an even layer of primer on your face, chin, and neck.
  2. Apply your foundation as you normally would on your face
  3. Apply a foundation that’s a shade or two darker than your regular shade to the areas on the double chin that you’re trying to conceal.
  4. Use a blending brush and blend-blend-blend as much as you can, this way your contouring is less obvious.
  5. Using an angled bronzing brush and a matte powder apply light strokes of bronzer starting at one ear, tracing the jaw line, and connecting the contour to the opposite ear.
  6. Again, you’ll want to go back in with the blending brush and blend out any trace of obvious countering or in-consecutive color streaking.
  7. Using the same bronzer, use a thicker bronzing brush to apply your bronzer along the tops of the cheekbones. It’s important to use a thicker bronzing brush on your face to keep the shadow versus light illusion that you’re creating to mask your chin. Naturally, the shadow cast over your chin and neck is darker than upon your cheeks. Using a thicker brush allows for less coverage, which means less shadow, ultimately keeping the illusion looking as natural as possible.
  8. Dust translucent powder all over you face, chin, and neck.
  9.  (optional): If you’re looking to go a step further, you can use black eyeliner and mascara to draw attention away from your double chin and up towards your eyes. While it’s a good idea to draw attention to your eyes, it’s not as wise to draw attention to your lips. Wearing bright lipstick won’t only encourage others to look at the lower area of your face, but it may emphasize all that you just worked so hard concealing.
  10. Whether you use cosmetics to play up your eyes or you opt for a more natural look, mist a setting spray all over your face, chin, and neck to set and seal the look.
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