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Salted or unsalted? If it’s a question of snack mix, its usually a matter of taste verses health implications. But what about when it comes to facial scrubs? Exfoliation is one of the most instantly gratifying and important part of the beauty process, but it must be handled with care. Overdoing it or using harsh exfoliants can tear skin, and products microbeads have a negative environmental impact. Epsom and sea salts provide a natural alternative, gently exfoliating and restoring skin to its most radiant appearance without harming your skin or the environment. So again, when it comes to scrubs, salted or unsalted? Read on if you need help deciding.

Benefits of Salt Scrubs

    • Exfoliation
      Exfoliation refers to the gentle rubbing of the skin using circular motions. Dead skin cells harden with age, getting more difficult to remove with the amount of time they spend lying on the skin’s surface, thickening until they are removed, causing skin to look dull and flaky. The abrasive properties of salt can quickly address this problem. helping skin to slough off dead cells, revealing shiny, smooth, healthy skin underneath.
    • Cleansing
      In addition to ridding the skin of dead cells, the scrubbing action of salt invigorates skin and improves circulation for a natural glow. Salt can also help to remove bacteria from skin and unclog plugged pores, while the antiseptic qualities of salt can help reduce inflammation and itching associated with bacteria related skin diseases.
    • Regeneration
      If you’re seeking some skin rejuvenation, a salt scrub will definitely fit the bill. Getting rid of dead skin cells promotes the growth of healthy new ones. This tightens skin, making more resilient and giving it a younger appearance. Skin regeneration is also an excellent way to even out skin tone and discoloration.
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Other Salt Scrub Ingredients

      • Citrus
        Citrus adds zest and invigoration to the scrub. If you’re looking for some energizing properties in your scrub, look for a something with sweet almond or jojoba oil and zest from orange, lemon, lime or grapefruit on the label.
      • Coconut Oil
        If it’s cooling and moisturizing action you seek from your salt scrub, you might want to look for something with coconut oil. Coconut oil soft scrubs are also known to feature essential oils, like vanilla, orange, and patchouli, adding an element of luxury and indulgence.
      • Degreasing
        Want to degrease while you exfoliate? After cooking or working in the yard, you probably want a salt scrub with some grape seed soil and good old fashioned soap. Liquid castile soap works to cleanse while the salt scrubs away dirt, to double team grease and grime.
      • Coffee
        Caffeine is a great way to wake up your skin and your senses. Look for a coffee salt scrub to enliven tired looking skin.
      • Peppermint
        Peppermint can be a festive and invigorating salt scrub ingredient. Peppermint oil is commonly found in salt scrubs to add firming and rejuvenating qualities.

Have you made up your mind? Salted or unsalted? Let us know which you choose.

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