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Have you ever went on a makeup haul, arriving home with all sorts of new makeup, only to realize that you might not have the right brush to apply that new loose powder foundation or smooth crème eye shadow? Then you make your way back over to the store to find the right brush for the job, only to realize that you have literally hundreds and thousands of options? Since we’ve all been there – lost and confused by the abundance of makeup brush choices – we thought we’d do our part in preventing future beauty failure by providing you with all the information you need to know about choosing the right makeup brush.

Before even picking up the best makeup brush to apply any cosmetic, it is important to understand that there is a wide selection of makeup brushes offered today. The best thing to remember when selecting a makeup brush to add to your brush collection is that a high-quality makeup brush will ensure a flawless application and a lasting finish. High-quality brushes are able to seamlessly blend various shades and mediums, leave any makeup application with a natural finish, and they last for years. On the other hand, low-quality makeup brushes tend to have uneven bristles which “shed” or fallout frequently, they tend to be harsh on the skin, and loose their shape after only a few uses.

When browsing for brushes, you may notice two specific words jumping out at you: “natural” and “synthetic.” Believe it or not, natural and synthetic bristles are quite different and have their own specific purposes. Natural bristles, which are typically the preferred, are the ideal choice when applying powder makeup (loose powder or pressed powder). The bristles of natural hair brushes allow the cuticle to sift across the skin and will actually pick up the makeup pigments and natural facial skin oils ensuring even blending. Further, the natural bristles of high-quality brushed feel silky, soft, and smooth. If you are aware that you have an allergy to a specific animal, keep this in mind; the natural high-quality bristles are made from a variety of different mammal hair including the coat of goat, horse, sable, squirrel, or sable. That said, if you notice that you are experiencing signs of an allergic reaction and you happen to be using a new makeup brush, chances are that it’s not a coincidence and you may be allergic the type of animal fur being used.

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Contrarily, high-quality brushes with synthetic bristles are most often used when applying crème, gel, or liquid foundation. The reason synthetic bristles are preferred for non-powder foundation application is because, unlike natural bristles, synthetic bristles are more or less liquid resistant; As they are non-porous, the bristles won’t soak up liquid makeup the way that natural bristles would.

It seems that new brushes, brush styles and shapes are released just as frequently as new shadow pallets. This can be slightly problematic when the one brush you want is only offered in a set. Sometimes, you might even notice that you want two brushes, but the cost of two individual brushes higher than the cost of an entire set (and maybe you don’t want to replace brushes that you are already fond of). So what’s a girl to do? First of, you should keep in mind that makeup brushes are one of those items that “you get what you pay for.” This means that often, the pricier brushes are likely to be higher quality. That said, there are low-quality brushes that will trick consumers with nice packaging and hefty prices. So, instead of looking only at the price, take the time to look at the brush and the bristles for quality.

Keeping the above in mind, the best thing to do is build your own makeup brush set. This will ensure that you have checked out the quality of each of your brushes and that you have all the brushes you need!

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