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Whether you’re a self-proclaimed lazy girl who likes to look fabulous but doesn’t want to spend too much time on your beauty routine, or you have a jam packed schedule and can’t find the time for a full beauty routine, you’ve likely found yourself looking up beauty hacks of all sorts. The problem with looking up beauty hacks without actually looking into them is that you may be wasting your time; there are many blogs out there today that offer readers false information in order to be rewarded with some sort of compensation. Like it or not, we live in a time when you really cannot believe each and everything that you read on the internet. Having come across one to many unsuccessful beauty hacks, the Lionesse team knew what had to be done.

The team went to work and looked into the most popular beauty hacks and the science behind each one. After some careful research, we have found the beauty hacks that actually work. Since we know you don’t have time to waste on hacks that don’t get the job done, we’ve also tested each and every one of the hacks being investigated. The ones that were effective made it to the list below, check it out!

Detox Water
There’s no denying that there are hundreds – if not thousands – of weight loss and detox scams on the market today. Instead of putting a packet of chemicals into your water bottle every morning, switch to some natural additives. Of all the detox water hacks out there, we found that adding lemons, apples, cucumbers, and mint leaves into an ice cold glass of water works the same, maybe even better, than a lot of other concoctions on the internet today. The reason this works is because the four ingredients are major metabolism boosters. Also, the lemon and cold water work as diuretics. Drinking a cold glass of this detox water every morning is the only hack you need to lose any extra belly bloat you may have.

Lip Plumper
Have you ever noticed how drying lip plumper can be? As if that wasn’t bad enough, many of them provide the tingle but mix the plump. To our surprise, the most talked about lip plumping hack on the web was biting. Yes, women are actually biting their lips, causing them the swell, thus appear more plump. Ladies, please do not bite your own lip, instead add a few drops of peppermint oil to your favorite lip gloss. This hack works because of the basic properties of peppermint oil; the tingling you feel is the oil stimulating your lips, which will cause painless swelling.

Rinse Free Cleansing
Makeup wipes are a girl’s best friend, but they should not be the only method used to remove makeup on a regular basis. Often times the wipe spreads the makeup around after wiping up trace amounts of it. Additionally, the wipes can be harsh and even cause irritation. Put the makeup removing wipe hack to rest and make room for the best facial cleansing hack yet: micellar water. This no rinse liquid cleanser is gaining an unexpectedly large following, and after looking into the product, we have nothing bad to say about it. It might seem strange to wash your face without water, but here’s why it makes total sense: micellar water is composed of teeny tiny oil cleansing molecules, called micelles, which are housed in softened water. The micelles actually absorb dirt, grime, and makeup. After wiping your entire face with a few cotton pads, you’ll notice there is no makeup on one if the pads, this means that you’ve wiped everything off.

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