Back to School Make-Up Tips

So you’ve been pretty laid back all summer about clothes, hair, make-up… but fall is here and the summer is long gone! Everyone will be heading back to school looking fresh and fabulous, so there is NO reason that you can’t look as if you just jumped out of a pro make-up artists chair. Here are the back to school makeup tips that you need to look camera ready for this year’s yearbook.

Teen cleansing her skin.

Make sure you start each morning with the three must-do’s: cleansing, toning and moisturizing. You are never too young to start taking great care of your skin. Repeat after me: “I only have ONE face, take care of it!” Once you hit these key skin care points, your make-up will not only look better, but will last all day.

Start with a light foundation that is easy to apply and that practically melts into your skin. A good concealer is crucial to a flawless look – so spare no expense here! Go oil free also, to avoid any breakouts. Dab your concealer in your trouble areas and use your fingers to blend. The heat from your skin actually helps to spread the make-up more evenly. Finish off with a loose powder and large brush. Here’s where most people make the most mistakes. Do not use a compact powder that comes with a sponge to apply. This gives you a pale, matte look that drowns out all color.

Young woman applying blush

This season, a flushed look in peach or rose is EVERYWHERE! Go light, just enough that it almost appears that you are embarrassed. A great tip to apply blush is to suck in your cheeks and lightly apply it above the sucked in portion of skin.

The eyes say it all! Liquid liners are hot right now but so is using a metallic colored shadow as a liner. Start slowly, you do not want to over do it, remember, you can always ADD more – it’s just difficult to take away!

Lashes require a thickening, lengthening rich hue, giving you the doe-eyed look that is gracing runways from New York to Paris. Falsies are hot right now too, but make sure you start with just a few here and there!

Young girl applying red lipstick.

Red lips are so in this fall! But, these red hots are generally reserved for evening. Try out a rosy pink gloss or plum lip stain. Color is your friend this fall, so don’t be afraid! Both matte and shiny lips are in, as well as the short lived (I predict) goth dark lip. If you are feeling a little like you do NOT want to fit in, try out a black or deep purple lip paired with an over-lined eye. This should freak your parents out and give your classmates something to talk about!

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