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Avoid These Common Makeup Mistakes

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“A wish for the all you glam goddesses out there:May your
foundation match your neck,
may your concealer be creaseless,
and may your winged eyeliner be sharp enough to kill”
|Author: Unknown|

By the time a woman enters into adulthood, it’s assumed that she knows how to properly apply makeup. But let’s be real for a second. Take a moment and think to yourself the last time someone actually taught you how to put on your makeup? If you’re like the majority of women out there, it’s probably been quite a while. On top of that, chances are they were teaching a teenage you how to put on makeup, but what about the prim and proper you? It’s become increasingly apparent that many women today are making the same makeup mistakes. Whether this is due to a bout of forgetfulness or simple lack of knowledge, we’re here to help!

Below you will find a list of makeup blunders that are commonly made by women in their thirties, forties, and fifties. Along with each makeup miss-hap is the proper or correct way of getting the job done. Read on to find out how to avoid the common makeup mistakes made by women of all ages!

Makeup Mistake No. 1 (typical of women in their 30’s): Caked on Cover-up
Just when you think your finished loading on the cover-up to mask pimples in your teen and adolescent years, you enter into early adulthood when it seems cover-up is the only way to hide the under-rested dark circles under your eyes. By the time you’re in your thirties you’ve become so used to the cover-up routine that you don’t know any other way. The problem is that many women in their thirties tend to cake on more cover-up than they need and their makeup becomes much more obvious (or fake looking).

From now on you’ll want to recognize what areas of your skin need the extra help of cover-up and focus on those areas only. If you find that you still want to apply the cover-up all over, switch to a buildable foundation. Apply one thin layer at a time to build up the coverage that suits your skin best.

Makeup Mistake No. 2 (typical of women in their 40’s): Forgetting to Hydrate
If you spent the first half of your makeup applying years with hormonal acne, or post-pubescent shine, you probably got into the bad habit of avoiding all things moisturizing. Perhaps you slathered on the strongest breakout topical you could get OTC, or you made sure that the facial lotion you did use had some sort of “mattifying” or “clearing” agent in it. While those products may have been your beauty Holy Grail, they’re the last thing your skin needs today. To make matters worse, putting makeup onto dry skin makes fine lines, deep wrinkles and pores more noticeable. When skin is hydrated makeup goes on smoothly and blends easily.

From now on you should avoid products that dry the skin out. Instead, reach for a hydrating serum and a light facial moisturizer. Before applying makeup, it is beneficial, to begin with a hydrating primer or beauty balm to smoothen dry skin.

Makeup Mistake No. 3 (typical of women in their 50’s): Brand and Product Loyalty
By the time a woman has reached her fifties she’s found her favorite (and not so favorite) beauty products. Not only is it easy to become set in these ways, but it can be hard to venture back out into trial and error of beauty products. The thing is many of these products may be dated, not to mention the might not be formulated with the best beauty ingredients for your skin’s needs.

From now on make it a goal to keep up with the makeup times and try some new products. If you’re not sure where to start you can look online, ask a family member, or even seek out the advice of a beauty consultant at the makeup counter. You’re bound to find some new favorites that provide you looking and feeling better than ever before.

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