Applying Eye Makeup And Long Lashes

woman applying mascara in mirror

Although many women desire long lashes, very few venture down the false lash road because let’s face it, faux lashes can be intimidating! Well, ladies, it’s a new year which means there are new feats in front of you. With that said, we want to challenge you all to apply eye makeup with a set of extra-long false lashes. Are you up for the challenge?! Good! As you read on, we’ll guide you through the step by step process of perfecting the long lash look. Check it out.

Step One: wash and dry your face completely, make sure that all face and eye makeup from the day before is totally gone. Once your skin is dry, it’s a good idea to use a toner to close your pores (which will prevent breakouts) and follow with a moisturizer.

Step Two: after giving the moisturizer a few moments to soak into your skin, go ahead and apply a high-quality primer to your entire face. Keep in mind that you’ll want to also apply the primer to your eye area, including your eyelids.

Step Three: once the primer sets, take your time applying your concealer and foundation as you normally would. You’ll want to have all your face-makeup done before beginning your eyes, this way you don’t have to worry about focusing on anything else.

Step Four: using a clean eyelash curler, curl your natural lashes so that they blend into the strands of the falsies. After you’ve given them a good curl, stabilize it with one or two layers of mascara. Just be certain that there are no clumps to be found.

Step Five: grab one lash out of the package at a time, but make sure that you are aware of which false lash you are holding. This is important because – just like shoes – faux lashes are designed specific to the left and right eye.

Step Six: wrap the base of the faux lash entirely around a pencil and hold it there for a few moments. This part may seem silly, but it is essential in preventing the base of the lash to peel off before the end of the night.

Step Seven: hold the lash strip in your dominant hand, then line the lash strip with adhesive. Let the adhesive dry for 10 seconds or so, then tilt your head back so that your eyelids are almost closed when you’re looking back in the mirror (this give you a better view of where you’re placing the lash).

Step Eight: place the falsie as close to your natural lash line as you can. You’ll have a few moments to shift it around before the adhesive dries, but you shouldn’t plan on making too many changes. Keep your eyes closed for a few moments, allowing the adhesive to set.

woman applying makeup

Step Nine: line the lash line carefully and apply a few more layers of mascara so that the natural and faux lashes blend together.

Step Ten: apply a natural shadow color all over your lids, then a deep brown or gray color into the crease and outer corner of your eyes. Next, add some shimmer to the center bringing it a bit outward. Finally, apply a highlight on the lower brow bone and the inner corner of the eyes.

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